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Sly Is Still A Tank




I don’t know what that was, but it was still cool


I for one am impressed he finished the lift mid seizure.


I don’t know either but now I am going to try it! With a more appropriate weight of course :rofl:


I did the eggs and one handed push-ups back when. I ain’t doing this.

I gotta hand it to him. The guy does not stop.

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Im not sure if that was a joke or not. Dont care either.

But that home gym of his is amazing …every damn training toy you can think of

-and training hard to 80s cheese/blue-eyed soul not giving a fuk = always awesome :mechanical_arm:

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Me: Hey Sly. Can you grab a couple of 45s and put them on the bar in the squat rack? Thanks, man.
Sly: [seizures uncontrollably as he tries to comply to my request]
Me: Um, never mind. I got 'em.
Sly: [seizure’s getting worse. Still won’t drop the 45s, though.]
Me: Seriously, I don’t even need them. Please just put them down. I don’t want to be responsible for killing Rocky.

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This is super weird.

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The man is an inspiration.

Did Rambo have to lift buckets in a POW camp, or do a dramatic Yoke-with-Water up the stairs at a monastery or something in a movie, that he’s recreating here?

He did! With bamboo spikes tied to his wrists that would stab him if he let his arms down!

That may not be true. That might be a fragment of memory from kung fu theater or something.

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Lol 36th chamber of Shaolin?


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You know, I think that is it! :rofl:

Pretty amazing recall Stu!


Lol - I have it on dvd :slight_smile:

One of the few classics imo that I had to own.


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I’d argue he had his best physique in Rambo III.

Maybe he should have spent more time on the Rambo III script, and less time on rest-pause sets in the gym. That movie and Rocky V were low points for his two iconic movie roles.

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Did he scream out “Aaadriannn!!!” at the end there?

Dude. She’s dead. He visited her grave in the movie Rocky Balboa. Show some sensitivity.


Better or worse performance than this?