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Slumped and Frustrated


I hear ya man. I was just hoping to find a program that I see better results from. I did love Crossfit, but I think it had more to do with the people I was doing it with than the actual program.

I think I’m gonna try the best damn workout for natural lifters. If I don’t like it then I’ll go back to Crossfit.

But I definitely think you’re right. I need to apply the same intensity to my new program that I did to Crossfit. Also need to get a consistently good diet going.


We didn’t have a rig or anything. Just barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, wall balls, pull up bars, and a rower. Just made due with what we had for the most part.


Very cool!

Also, now that I’m on my computer rather than phone, nice dog. love shepards.


You might be into some of Brian Alsruhe’s programs. He has some free ones on youtube. He likes giant sets which makes me think of CrossFit some what but he’s about the powerbuilding templates (strength and hypertrophy)


That is because I am woman tough :smirk:


There has been lots of good info posted here already, but I’ll echo that I believe diet is by far the most important variable you need to get right.

Training wise, just pick a program on this website. But you really need to learn how to eat for gains. I’ll share here how my diet looks from a food selection perspective. It was designed for me by Paul Carter, which everyone will agree is probably as knowledgeable and elite as it gets when it comes to training and nutrition. I won’t specify the details and quantities because I feel it wouldn’t be fair since I paid for this. But here are some of the foods I eat on a daily basis:

Eggs, whole + egg whites
Mushroom, spinach, tomatoes
Cream of rice


White rice

Pre workout
English muffins + jelly

Ground beef

Rice cakes + peanut butter
Toasted bread + jelly
Egg whites

You should probably take note and you’ll see this is pretty consistent with other successful meal plans and the ones that other users have posted here yesterday

Not Gaining - Need Advice for Food

I would like to chime in and say that OP should start his focus on just eating more. It sounds like he is skinny at 150 lbs.

While lots of the diets above are really solid, just increasing food by 20% or so would have a large impact.


20% more Cinammon Crunch? 20% more candy bars? 20% more Reese’s Cup?

The problem isn’t just the lack of calories; he’s making terrible food choices. Simply increasing his calories is missing a huge piece of the puzzle.


For a second there, I was having some Dave Tate flashbacks.


Dave Tate would be pouring olive oil on his cereal!


For someone who has been trying for 8 years to gain weight, and is only up to 150 lbs, whatever else he adds on is going to help.

I am not saying eating more of what he is currently eating will be as optimal as some of the diets outlined above. However, just eating more of his current diet will work to put on mass.

OP struggles to eat, so completely switching up his diet to health foods might cause a drop in calories.

It does no good to go full on perfect diet, and only stick to it for a week. Making smaller changes over time that stick is going to do more for OP.


Lol, dude, you can’t really be seriously saying that increasing his bowls of Cinnamon Crunch is going to do anything positive?

Or it might cause him to be healthier and build more muscle, the way it usually does when people go from eating shit to eating properly.

Well obviously. Not sure why you’ve just made the assumption that’s what he’ll do though. Obviously the better diets will only work if he sticks to it long term…

A very strange post indeed…


I should also say, that I am not a bodybuilder. I powerlift, so the goal of being shredded isn’t there for me.

I try to have a lot of protein with every meal, and avoid sugary things. If I am eating there better be some animal on the plate!

I mostly go for about a third of my calories from each energy source.


I do concede after looking back at the actual diet, that it is pretty poor.

Some small changes (switching candy for protein shakes, and cereal for eggs), and just eating more would help a lot though.

I know plenty of super jacked people who do not eat anything like the diets above. I even know of one specimen that eats Mcdonalds nearly twice a day. The dude can squat over 700, and has pulled over 800 in competition.


Using the exception, not the rule, as an example isn’t really a smart way to argue about anything.


It is no exception that eating McDonald’s every day will make you bigger. Usually the bigger you are the stronger you are.

Double burgers build strength better than chicken salads do.

My point is that everybody above is giving OP a bodybuilding diet, and OP’s diet is nothing close to that. Most people quit diets that are a drastic change. Going for achievable results that are maintained is a recipe for success.


Subbing cinnamon toast crunch for eggs isn’t a bodybuilding diet IMO. The one I’ve followed for two months when I was cutting was. Egg whites, brown rice, chicken, sweet potatoes and pretty much nothing else.

But it’s not what we are advising here. Not me anyway. We’re mostly talking, like someone mentioned, about the fact that op needs to eat like an adult and not like he’s in high school. Heck, I’m still in high school myself.
Making small changes goes a long way in improving one’s eating habits without the feeling of deprivation or feeling like they are making a big change at once.

And the op isn’t just talking about getting stronger. He never mentioned powerlifting. I agree with you that McDonald’s does get you stronger, but body composition is what the op sounds like he’s after. Are McDonald’s good for that too?


you’ve clearly forgotten how I eat.


I am the one that suggested subbing cereal for eggs, and a protein shake for the candy, along with an increase of total calories. An example of a small change with potential to get real results.

OP has stated that he is 150 lb at a low body fat. He needs to eat more, and clean up his diet, but with were he is at, I would start him with more moderate changes (like I suggested).

McDonald’s is not a good choice for BB’rs. Although, I’ll say if I was 5’10" and 150 lbs I would probably not be all that concerned with gaining a bit of fat along with the muscle.

Almost everybody’s advice here is better than mine (if OP sticks to it). I just could not see OP going from OP’s diet to some of the aforementioned diets all at once.


No. That’s what Wendy’s chicken sandwiches are for.