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Sluggish Thyroid

Anybody know anything about a drug called Synthroid? I had my blood work done and my doctor says I have a slightly slow thyroid and wants to put me on .25mg of this stuff.

Once on it am I on it for life?

Is there any way of increasing thyroid output naturally so as to avoid medication?

bro i have a hypothyroid alot worse than yours i am on .200 mcg for the rest of my life. i don’t know about you but my thyroid is completly shut down yours will probably falter more over time so get periodic tsh test every 3-6 mos until everything levels off and stays the same. i am on levoxyl my mother and brother on synthroid. it’s all the same stuff just different pharmicutical makers. now there is probably no natural way to increase your thyroid function. you will have no problem with the meds and i have never had any side effects. just get your TSH checked every 3-6 months for the first year or so to get everything in order. now you can talk to your doctor about a T3 (cytomel) T4 (SYNTHROID) combination of drugs which seems to be a new way of doing things but most doctors are reluctant to do it because it is new and in the medical world they always go with what is tried and true and they accept change very slowly. i can go on and on about this subject and the function of the thyroid gland and pituitary gland and the conversation of T4 into T3 but it would go on forever. take the synthroid and enjoy. your metabolism will get back in order. i have what is called hashimoto’s disease which is that my body took my thyroid as an invading or foreign body and completly shut it down and it lost all function. and hypo/hyperthyroid is hereditary and mostly women get it but i am a man and my brother also has it as well as my mother take care good luck any questions just ask

use this site:http://medlineplus.gov/
It will tell you everything you need to know about medication and your condition in “lay” terms. Using hotrox may be a way to increase your thyroid naturally but make sure you discuss anything you do with you Dr. before doing so, as throid conditions can cause you to become very sick.

Hey David what is your normal body temp? Knowing this can help narrow down what factors you are actually low in ie… T3,T4 and TSH. Do you know what levels where low and which ones normal so to speak? Where you dieting or had been on a diet for some time b4 the test?


Yes, I think I had began to Diet when I got my blood work done. I had begun Swole Cats - SGX Program and running an ECA Stack which of course is ephedrine based. In addition, I was coming off a really low point in my life in which I was REALLY out of shape and over weight!!!

Do you think that these factors may play a role in my test & thyroid levels?

I have since dropped the ECA stack and switched to Hot-Rox. What do you think?

My blood work report showed as follows;

Thyroid Function at 5.78H (Ref Range 0.35-5.50)

Steroid Hormones 8.6 (Ref Range 8.4-28.7)

Any thoughts or comments?

I have been noticing in the last month or two, since I startd training & diet, that my hair is thinning significantly at the front of my head. Could this be thyroid or test related?

I can really use some feed back. Thanks

There is something called Coleus Forskolli…also forslean is the trade name. This stuff does some decent boosting of the THyroid along with that and 7- keto, or a bottle of hot-rox for life hehe.

My wife had thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed, she is on Synthroid for life.She constantly needs to be checked and have her dosage increased or decreased depending on if she is hyper or sluggish.All in all this med has worked well for her. An alternate way for you to check if your thyroid is
under active would be to take your temprature 1st thing in the morning when you wake up.If your temp is below 98.6 for 7 days in a row your thyroid is probably underactive.

David I wrote u an answer quite in depth and my computer screwed up when I sent it. I will retype it 2morrow night. Im out of time, Bro. Hang in there Lil Dogg I think you will find my next post very helpful. Sorry for the fuck up it really pisses me off.

David finally got a moment to retype this info for ya. Here goes. Being in a low point in your life (depression from loss of relationship, loved one etc…) can really affect hormone levels but more so your testtosterone levels that I know of. If I dont know I wont guess, so I dont know if that affects your thyroid or not! Now dieting can affect your thyroid fucntion and put all of us bodybuilders (or non lifters) in a state called “Euthyroid Sick Syndrome”. You can check that out here.http://www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual/section2/chapter8/8c.jsp. It will give you the low down.
The human thyroid is complex and many things will affect it, most noteably major illness.You will need three test to find out exactly how you are fucntioning and what treatment may be necessary. Your hair falling out is a sign of thyroid problem, but then agian it may not be the problem. The test you need are as follows.

  1. TSH test. Normal range .3-5uU/ml
    Subclinical 5.1-20 uU/ml
    High range 20uU/ml

2.Free T4 test Normal range 4.5-12.5 ug/dl. Athletes are rarely below this range.

  1. Free T3 test Normal range 80-175 ng/dl.

Whether or not you will need a synthetic T4 drug like Synthriod or a synthectic T3 drug like Cytomel greatly depend on these test. For exalmpe if your body temp is out of the normal range (97.8-98.2), and T4 is low but not out of the normal range then Synthroid would work best.However raising T4 will not raise T3 appreciably, most Euthyroid Sick Syndrome (ESS) in athletes is caused by faulty T4 to T3 conversion. Most T4 dosages are in the 100 to 150 mcg range ed. You will also find that most doctors will not want to work with Cytomel or Triostat since it is much more dificult to test for, as your T4 is 99.95 bound and you guessed T3 is not. If you needed a T3 drug ( Cytomel or Triostat) as long as you take the drug the same time everyday and did not take it b4 the blood test an accurate reading could be made. But like I said most docs dont want to use these drugs.
Now if you have low T3 and normal T4 then Synthroid will not due much since it will not correct the enzyme inhibition. If you choose to skip the test and use a T3 drug then you may dose to high and supress TSH. As I stated in the begining it is very complicated. Some thermogenic drugs while increasing body temp WILL lower thyroid ie… Clenbuterol. That is it blocks the conversion of T4 to T3.
Lastly a faulty adrenal system can lower body temp even if your thyroid levels were high. All of these things should be looked at and considerd b4 you begin to play with your thyroid. I almost forgot if you are using copious amounts of Test then that could make your hair fall out as well. Read all the info you can about this and dont rely on the info of fellow gym rats (myself included) and go back to your doctor armed and ready. Together you can both determine what will be the best route. If you dont like the decsion of one doc then by all means search until you find a doc that will work with you and not against you. Good luck I hope that this will help you in your quest, I realize that it is allot of technical jargon but that is just how it is. Always better to know than not to which is the situation most people are in when they see a doctor. Just dont insult your doctor and make him think that he is stupid and your are the smart one, chances are your sucess would deminish.