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Thought I’d share this, enjoy.

Seen it before, but could watch it a million times. Great post.

Random thoughts: that white guy had a good chin. Couldn’t fight worth a damn, but had a good chin.

I only thought Scott McDonald of K-1 wore those gladiatoral style shorts. Look like something out of gay fetish porn.

That black guy was in pretty bad shape for a profight. I’ve never seen someone so gassed they just sat there while someone hit them in the face.



What a great fight!
The stubbornness of some athletes makes me wonder sometimes if they’re on some kind of drugs, cause they eat a ridiculous amount of physical punishment. It’s sometimes unreal.

On a sidenote: The K1 guy is called Michael
McDonald, not Scott

I like when Cyborg starts weakly beating on Melvin’s stomach after he already had lost. Manhoef won, but he looked like he was near death. Cyborg is fighting in the next Pride event against Nakamura. He’s a crazy motherfucker.