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Slowly Coming Off Vs. Cold Turkey

I’m planning my first cycle(s) and have been debating a couple of issues. I’ve been planning on using short esters so that they are out of my system and pct can start faster. But, after reading something from Bill Roberts talking about supression levels of testosterone - 200mg 100% suppressed, 100mg 50% suppressed. I am wondering if longer esters would create a smoother transition with recovery, in other words a successive amount of recovery with the decreasing aas levels.

So, my thinking is that as the long esters start lowering and with the pct the recovery starts that the transition would be smoother? Also Cy Willson’s pct suggests androgel at the end for 1/4 time the cycle length creating the same outcome I think (start recovery while still keeping test levels from crashing.) I thinking the androgel mixed with short esters might offer more control. What’s everyone’s opinion/suggestion.

I like Cy’s method and so do a few guys I know. If you can’t get androgel I believe he suggests 100mg enanthate/week for the taper. I believe that shorter esters do provide for more control.
I also believe shutdown, to some extent, is indvidual, (makes sense to me anyway.) So some can get shutdown with 200mg only 50%. But 100mg is a safe bet.

I don’t like clomid at all though. I prefer nolvadex.
I also do not use HCG as I believe Cy’s reports about it making it more difficult to respond to your own LH.

Above all, this method seems to provide a smooth transition in psycological areas for me. When I did some short high dose cycles in the past I really got depressed and felt like crap coming off, it really affected my training. The goal when truly coming off for a long time is to maintain a new level of strength or performance or size than you would’ve had before. You’ll never be as big as when you peaked while on but you should recognize an overall gain in some area. 3 steps forward, 1 back. I opt now for moderate length cycles. I should also say that as an athlete I use far less than most BB. And that can be a factor when it comes to shutdown.
I run 200-400mg/week of total steroid (600mg MAX).