Slowly But Surely...

…I get stronger. :slight_smile:

So I’m Kris and this is my log. Someone tiny but strong insisted I start it, so I humbly take my place with the rest of the hard workers in this section.

Some numbers:

Age: 34
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 230#
Squat: 355#
Bench: 285#
Deadlift: 475#

I’ve been training with a purpose (vs. “Whatcha wanna do today? Shoulders and chest? Cool.”) for coming up on a year and a half now. The last several months (closer to a year really) have been 5/3/1, which I enjoy. I just wrapped up the BBB challenge, came achingly close to a 365# squat, and am changing gears for a few months before I jump back on 5/3/1 in the powerlifter style, to try to get my numbers on up.

Taking a page from Dan John I’m going to do 3 workouts a week with power clean, military press, front squat, and bench press. I’m adding in some arm work and calf work (hello vanity) and core work. I’m also going to start ‘running’, instead of just sprinting. I’ve got my little 1.2 mile route already set and run it twice now: the times are too horrific to mention but I remind myself that the last time I ‘ran’ I was sixty pounds lighter.

So then:

Warmup: Dynamic jazz, 3 rounds of 5 pull ups-> 10 lunges-> 10 inverted rows->, rest
Power Clean: 135x8, 155x6, 185x4
Military Press: 95x8, 115x6, 135x4 (set of 5 pull ups between each set of MP)
Front Squat: 155x8, 185x6, 205x4
Bench Press: 155x8, 185x6, 205x4
Pressdowns->EZ Curls, 3 supersets of 15/12
Calf presses on the leg press (is there an official name for these?): 12, 10, 10 (4p/side, 5p/side)
Jacknives (Jacknifes?) on the medicine ball->Stir the Pot, 8/5x both ways


I work in a warehouse and sometimes sling pallets around as part of my job. I also sometimes get overzealous and forget I’m not a kid anymore and tweak my shoulder(s) doing that. My right should is just now recovering from such stupidity- my pressing numbers won’t be skyrocketing but they will be more comfortable as it finishes healing. My power clean form is not brilliant but not awful, I mainly need to work on getting under the bar with more alacrity.

Final note: I’m treating this as a ‘park bench’ workout phase and will be transitioning into a 5x5 style workout after a month of this. So if I don’t feel like I’m crushing a weight I’ll just be working on doing the move more cleanly/forcefully until I do feel like I’m crushing the weight.

OMG, the man in blue has a log!

I’ll be stalking this log so closely I predict in a month’s time you’ll be googling “how to get a restraining order.”


^^ Doubtful. :slight_smile:

Today was more of the same, with a tweak here and there.

Warmup: Dynamic jazz, 5 pull ups, 10 lunges, 10 inverted rows, rest, repeat x2
Power Clean: 135x8, 155x6, 185x4
Military Press: 95x8, 115x6, 135x4 (5 pull ups between each set)
Front Squat: 155x8, 185x6, 225x3, lost bar (for shame!), reset and did my ‘other’ rep.
Bench Press: 155x8, 185x6, 215x4

There were 127 people using the db’s, so I did 5 pull ups->10 dips, repeat x2.
Ab Rollouts: 2x10, +25# 1x8

Then, about twenty minutes ago, got my run in. The time on that little 1.2, somewhat hilly route is still too long to mention but it’s down by around a minute and, more importantly, the pain was in my lungs more than my calves/shins tonight. This is a good thing. :slight_smile:

My shoulder was unhappy with those dips but waited until the end of the third set to let me know. Happily, it’s largely off duty again until Saturday.

Solid work…I wouldn’t hate videos of the cleans. JUST SAYIN.

Glad the shoulder’s feeling better. Dips always make mine feel funky too.

Running 20 minutes ago=1:40am. Aren’t you afraid of the dark???

So I went to a sick friend’s house to check on her/do for her earlier in the week and might have caught a touch of the itis. However:

Warmup: Dynamic Jazz, 5 pull ups->10 lunges->10 inverted rows, repeat x2
Power Clean: 135x8, 165x6, 185x4
Military Press: 95x8, 115x6, 135x4 (5 pull ups between each set)
Front Squat: 155x8, 185x6, 225x4
Bench Press: 155x8, 185x6, 215x4

Leg Press Calf Press: 5p/side x12->Hammer Curl: 35x10, repeatx2
Bicycles (ab move, not machine)-> Push up x20

Everything felt pretty heavy today, the cleans especially. Pleased to have gotten that fourth front squat. :slight_smile:

Did my little 1.2 mile run today. I felt vaguely like falling over towards the end of it, but was rewarded with almost another full minute off my time. I think I’ll aim to add a little time to the next one. laugh

Once again:

Warmup: Dynamic jazz, pull up x5, lunge x10, inverted row x10, rest/repeat x2
Power Clean: 145x8, 165x6, 185x4
Military Press: 95x8, 115x6, 135x4
Front Squat: 155x8, 185x6, 225x4
Bench Press: 155x8, 185x6, 225x4
Straight Bar Pressdown->EZ Bar Curl, 10/10, rest/repeat x2 (75#/85#, not that it matters)


Stuff felt heavy again tonight, I’m going with the faintly lingering itis plus lifting the day after work. Got everything from last week plus a few more stray pounds though so I’m pleased. I think I’ll start warming up with some lighter power cleans, I felt awkward on several reps tonight and a little groove greasing couldn’t hurt. I’m not trying to be an Olympic lifter but I would like to be smooth-ish. I skipped LPCP tonight- there’s a pain in the middle of my foot that I don’t feel like playing with just yet. Mebbe Thursday. :slight_smile:

So! Went up to Auburn to visit some friends Wednesday and took yesterday to recover. :smiley: No worries, I’ll just get the next workout in Sunday. Well worth it. grin


Power Clean: 135, 165, 185
Military Press: 95, 115, 135
Front Squat: 155, 185, 225
Bench Press: 155, 185, 225
Overhead Triceps Extension w/Rope->Hammer Curl: 12/10
LPCP: 5p/side x10x3

Going to hold off on the running for a few more days, that spot on my foot seems happier which makes me happier. This means I’ll be back to bitching about my time in short order, but if I’m doing that ‘not’ sitting here wishing my foot would shut up I’m okay with that. :slight_smile:

Also, weights felt normal again, hooray. Looking forward to getting a little more pop behind them in the next few workouts.

Edit: Usual warmup, minus the few sets of light cleans I’d been thinking about.

Bit of a weekend; finally back to it though. I decided I’d do an ‘easy’ day today and proved to myself just how little I know. laugh

Warmup: Usual
Power Clean->Front Squat->Military Press: 115x8, 115x6, 115x4
Bench: 155x8, 185x6, 225x4
Push Ups: 20
Some random ab work

That first part did not rock. I also felt a little twinge in that same shoulder (hooray getting old!) when I went to do triceps pressdowns so decided to leave those for another day; same with JM presses. Looking forward to some good food with a good friend tonight and plenty of sleep in the next couple of days. Friday ('s lifting session) here I come! :slight_smile:

Edit: My ankle seems peachy again and that spot in my foot is barely a whisper now. Excitement.

how’s the training from the man in blue???

works necromantic magic Ariiiiise training log, ariiiiiise!

Bunch of random stuff going on the last little bit. Had worked up to 135 on the power clean/front squat/military press, and was doing 225 on the bench sets of 4. Time to move on to upping my numbers a bit.

5/3/1 with the days switched up a little, as per 5/3/1 for powerlifting (Thanks Lula :D)

Bench TM: 250

Bench: 185x3, 205x3, 225x3+5
DB Rows: 60x10, 80x10, 100x15
DB Incline Bench: 50x12, 60x12, 70x12
Face Pulls: 55x12x3
Pullups: 7x5, 3x5, spread throughout the workout.

I’m pleased with 225 for 8 on bench. I’ll up my assistance volume as I go along, wanted to take it easy on the way in. I realized I’d forgotten to add in my single (or two) on bench when I left. Next time.

Edit: I’m giving that calf article a go. We’ll see.

Squat TM: 320

Warm up stuff

Squat: 225x3, 255x3, 285x3+2, 315x1
Front Squat: 185x6x3
Good Morning: 155x8x3

So the ‘heavy’ squatting that I haven’t been doing was very evident today. That 285x5 was surprisingly tough. I expect my body to get used to heavier work in short order though. As with bench assistance I’ll add in a little more volume in the coming weeks.

Military Press TM: 150

Warm up stuff
MP: 105x3, 120x3, 135x3+7, 155x1, 165x1
Seated Rear Lateral/Standing Side Lateral: 10x15/15x12, 15x12/20x12, 15x12/20x12
Pull Ups: 5x10 Done between other stuff
Triceps Press Down/Standing EZ Curl: 70x12/95x10 (just the one superset)


I’m very pleased with 135x10, did not expect to get that. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the rear/side lateral supersets too.

Also, I hope the way I saw this teenage kid squatting isn’t what he’s learned under anyone’s supervision. I was literally afraid for him.

[quote]Kristoph wrote:
works necromantic magic Ariiiiise training log, ariiiiiise!

Hey there you are. With fancy words on top of it all.

How are the calves coming along??

You know how i love me some calves :slight_smile:

^^ Hey back :slight_smile: Feels good to be getting after heavier weights again. With a little luck and a lot of work/sleep/food I hope to get that 3/4/5 plate bench/squat/dead this year. The calf thing…we’ll see. I have long legs and dumb high insertions, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Dead TM: 420

Warm up stuff
Deads: 295x3, 335x3, 375x6, 405x1
Leg Press: 6px12, 7px10, 8px8 (p being plates per side, obviously)
Leg Curls: 150x12, 190x8x2

That last set of deads was pretty heavy. The leg curls were also surprisingly tough, and it turns out I hate the seated style of that machine. My gym does not have the more traditional version though. I’ll be adding in some power cleans to lower body days when I don’t feel quite4 so destroyed by them. :smiley:


Bench TM: 250

Warm up stuff
Bench: 165x5, 185x5, 215x5+5, 245x1, 245x1
DB Rows: 60x10, 80x10, 100x15
DB Incline Bench: 50x15, 60x12, 70x12, 60x12
Pull Ups: 5x10…or 12, I’m not entirely sure. :smiley: (done throughout the workout)


Pleased with 215x10 on bench. My first 245 was not quite to the chest, so I did it again. No face pulls today, they’ll make a guest appearance on squat day. :slight_smile: I did the pull ups on the smith machine bar set at its highest, it felt old school and was noticeably harder than the ‘grips’ on the racks and pulley machine. Four of the sets were with a supinated grip.

Edit: Hi spar4tee, welcome. :slight_smile:

Just finished some foam rolling, stretching, and my calf work for the day. I will say that my right ankle has been a bit suspect lately- sore after some squat days, acting like it wants to roll on me for no reason, etc. Since I’ve started this calf bit that has all but gone away. Good times. :slight_smile:

Squat TM: 320

Warm up stuff
Power Cleans: 155x4x3
Squats: 225x5, 245x5, 275x5+3
Front Squats: 185x6x3, 135x10
Good Mornings: 155x8, 185x6x2

That 275x8 was much, much easier than last week’s top set. I had 2 or 3 more in me; my wrists were unsure what was happening and were protesting though. They’ll have to get back in shape in short order. :slight_smile: The power cleans were fun to do before the rest, the good mornings at 185 was like a whole new level of hard though. It felt good, but demanded some extra concentration from me for sure. I actually did the set of 10 front squats with 135 after I did my good mornings.

I’m pretty pumped about chasing down that 4 plate squat. :slight_smile: Now, leftover pizza! :smiley:

p.s. Also did some face pulls. (55x12x3- I know this is light but I’m not sure if I should be going heavier? I’m feeling burn and work being done for sure, focusing on keeping elbows high and not hitting myself in the beak)

p.p.s. I did my single(s) on bench this week because I forgot to do them last week. Otherwise it’s an ‘easy’ week without them on the other lifts. (NOW to pizza!)

MP TM: 150

Warm up stuff
MP: 95x5, 115x5, 125x5+7
Rear Lateral/Side Lateral: 10x15/20x12, 20x10/25x10, 20x10/25x10
Overhead Cable Rope Press/Hammer Curl: 50x15/30x10, 65x12/35x8, 65x11/35x8, 65x8
Pull Ups: 5x10, 3/3/3 wide/neutral/supinated grip, the stray set was wide

I fully intended to do 4 sets of the rear/side superset, but the extra weight today had my shoulders ready to fall off and I need those for other things. :slight_smile: I’m pleased with 125x12 on MP and will use the 65# weight for that triceps exercise until I can get 10’s on all sets with it (completely arbitrary decision I made as I was leaving the gym).