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Slowing Hair Loss on Cycle

Just curious if any of you take finisteride on cycle to prevent hair loss?

If so what dosage would be ideal at 500mg T a week?

Is it ok to take on cycle for preventive measures and then stop after?

I know it’s mainly a genetic thing if your predisposed to DHT sensitivity

Are you on TRT? (need answer to this before I can write up a proper response)

But, generally use of 5a reductase inhibitors are discouraged due to the effects they have on neurosteroids and androgen synthesis (blocks T→DHT). A lack of androgenic stimulation + fucked up neurosteroids (leading to altered neurotransmitter function as neurosteroids act on neurotransmitter receptors yeet) can lead to ED, low libido, altered CNS function and whatnot. Look up post Finasteride syndrome.

One could just opt for a less androgenic substance.

In my personal opinion, if you aren’t ready to lose the hair, then you aren’t ready for steroids. It’s just one of many side effects you need to ask yourself: is it worth it?

Yes I am on TRT, I have also cycled before and I’ve never lost hair but now I’m on TRT I’m suspicious that my hairline is in the beginning stages of receeding, it could all be in my head tho as it’s not changed much, just my hair doesn’t go the way I used to have it haha.

Thanks for the info on the sides, it doesn’t sound worth the risk to be fair, I have heard a lot of horror stories, do you think the % of men who get the negatives is high?

Maybe later in my 30s yes I wouldn’t mind but at late 20s I don’t know.

I’ve cycled test, dbol and anavar during my 20s and haven’t lost any hair, my hair line is naturally a widows peak tho and I think since starting TRT it has gone back maybe 0.25 of an inch so I’m now wondering as I get older is it possible for me to become more sensitive to DHT and start to lose hair even if I’ve cycled many times without hair loss.

I’m guessing it’s a combination of slowly losing a little hair every cycle, getting older and naturally losing hair, and possibly the levels that trt puts you at might speed up hair loss SLIGHTLY more than your naturals levels would.

Oh, you’ll mind it in your late 30’s too.