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Slowing Fat Loss

Well I know this is probably a standard question but I did a search and couldn’t come up with what I was looking for. I have been reading tmag articles on here for years and they have been very helpful but I think I have reached a point that I need to ask a personal question

So I used to be very fit, ate correctly and hit the gym regularly. Always stayed around 6’0" 190lbs with a lower % of body fat but never achieved a nice six pack, always had that little bit left to loose. I then fell off the wagon about 3 years ago and gained a lot of weight. At this point I pretty much quit working out and went on the golden arch diet.

At my peak I was 230lbs and had lost a lot of strength. Over a year ago now, I had had enough and decided to focus on loosing the weight and getting back in shape. I started to eat correctly, still higher in carbs than I should have been but I got decent results. I dropped 30lbs before ever starting to lift.

For the last year I have been focused, my diet is very controlled and getting to the gym is a priority. So I have about doubled in about every lift; Bench started at 135 and is now 245 with reps of 8, my squat was 145, now is 225 with reps of 8 and so on. I have put on a good amount of mass, thank god for muscle memory and nicely lost more weight.

So I decided its time to focus on losing this last bit, I have focused on keeping my protein intake up while pushing my carbs down. So here is my basic stats for my diet.

2000-2200 calories
150-200g protien
50g-100g carbs(around 100 on lift days and 50 on cardio days)

All meat is lean meat, either chicken breast, fish, pork, or a lean steak. I get all of my carbs from veggies or some complex-carbs morning/post workout. I make sure to keep a food log and keep track of all my nutrients and percentages.

My workout
Day 1 - Push day(upper body)
Day 2 - Complexes for 30 min
Day 3 - Pull day(upper body)
Day 4 - Interval runs
Day 5 - Leg Day
Day 6 - Hill runs
Day 7 - Off

At first I lost weight but have since plateaued. In the first 2 weeks I lost weight quickly which I expected and I knew would slow but now I have seen very little in my last week and this week. I am now at 4 weeks and have lost about 5lbs. So I am now 185, I am worried that continuing on this diet could cause me to loose more LBM than needed? I recently read the article on carb cycling, what are peoples opinions?

My final goal is around 175 with keeping muscle loss to a minimum. I understand weight isn’t a good quantity to look at but I don’t have anything to measure body fat %.

I looked at the V-diet but I don’t like the idea of a liquid diet because I worry that it will just be a yo-yo in the long run and I am looking for a permanent change.

At this point I am looking pretty lean in the arms, legs and chest but once again I am just stuck with a small amount of fat covering my mid-section, while everything else is looking nice. I want for the first time in my life to reach my final goal, because this is the point I have been stuck at before.

I am willing to do what it takes but any guidance would be great.

I’m not sure if this would be of any use to you but check out these links (I would recommend the Carb Cycling Experience Thread) and see what you like.

Bottom line, your body adjusted to your caloric intake and energy expenditure. This happens and its normal, especially if you’ve been dieting off alot of weight or dieting for along time. Essentially, you would either need to eat less or expend more. However, ultimately you wouldn’t be fixing the problem. You’d really just be side stepping it. In my opinion, a short dietary break is good to have during times like these or to start including weekly refeeds. They will help by increasing your metabolism for future dieting attempts. I would only advise against them if you feel like you don’t have the dietary will power to get back on track afterwards.