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Slow Tempos to Compensate Traditional Strength Schemes?

To CT and everyone else,

I am experiencing a mild strain at the sacroiliac joint and that my physiotherapist recommended to temporarily halt any heavy squatting or deadlifting (for at least a 2-3 weeks).

What do you think of using very slow lifting tempos (like 5350) with light weights to compensate for heavy lifting in these movement patterns? I understand the training effect will not be the same as lifting weights in the 80%+ range, but I was thinking of doing something like the following for my two leg sessions per week:

Session 1 (Tuesday)

A1. Back Squat at about 50 % of 1RM – 4 x 5 - Very slow concentric and eccentric + pause at bottom – Focusing on technique and constant tension throughout the body (like 5350 tempo)
A2. Frankenstein Squat – light weight again – 4x5 – Same principles/tempo as Back Squat
B1. Lying leg curl – 4 x 10-12 – slow concentric and eccentric
B2.Bulgarian Split Squat – 4 X 10
C. Light Trap Bar Farmer’s Carry – 3-4 x 80-90 m

Session 2 (Friday)

A1. Goblet Squat facing wall – 5 X 6-8 Very slow concentric, 2-3 sec. pause at bottom, very slow eccentric – focus on lowering rear first before bending at the knees; constant tension
A2. Romanian DL – 5X10-12 same very slow tempo; light weights again
B1. Leg press – 4 x 10-12
B2. Back Extension – 4 x 10-12
C. Body weight lunges – 4 x 25 each leg at bodyweight
D. Ergometer rowing intervals – 8 x 20 sec. all-out / 20 sec. recovery

… Basically hypertrophy schemes with short rest intervals. I am basically looking for the best alternative to heavy lifting for movements I can do without pain.

Thanks for your input!