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Slow Release Carbs - Isomaltulose?

So for just over a month now i’ve been experimenting with casein as a supplement before going to sleep, and have been noticing somewhat of an improvement in recovery time. I’ve been mixing 40g of generic micellular caesin with 20g of dextrose in about 500ml skim milk. My dextrose ran out today, and i thought perhaps it would be a good idea to look into a slower releasing carb source.

That’s when i found out about Isomaltulose, a sugar with a GI of 36! (and the same number of calories) which sounds great on paper but seems surprisingly hard to find as cheap bulk un-branded generic (like most supplements are these days). Is this because there are similar low GI products that are more widely used? Or is there just a hole in the market?

Glycemic index is overrated at best.

If it’s your last meal before bed try micellular casein & milk with a nut butter of your choice instead of a carb powder.