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Slow Pulsing Reps?


So I know that slow steady reps are great, but I had an idea about a variation on this idea and I cant find any information on whether it holds water.

For example, say one is using freeweights to do curls. Would there be any benefit/detriment in, instead of maintaining a smooth and steady motion during the rep, moving in a series small incremental pulses(kind of like the seconds hand of a clock)?

Would this action produce MORE MICROTEARS in the muscle and slightly speed any resultant results...?

Would it be beneficial simply by the merrit of it forcing one to do exremely slow long reps and canceling out even more momentum...?

Or is this a complete crap notion?


I think extra slow reps suck donkey dick.


No they're not.

Why do you "know" that?


yeah he certainly didnt read it on this site (;

as for micro tears I dont know if thats something you necessarily need to worry about.. . more tears wont make no difference unless youve got extra calories to compensate.. . otherwise just eat more and lift more. ..


There are some neurological benefits to a sort of "two steps forward/one step back" rep. Those types of reps help your CNS "figure out" exactly when to switch from firing mostly one muscle group to the next.

Obviously, this only works on a compound movement. This wouldn't be very useful for curls, as the neurological signal is something like "flex biceps".

I can't think of any benefits to the type of rep you describe.

Dan "But I'm not saying there aren't any." McVicker


Jerking and pulsating with a proper load sound like a AWESOME way to get injured and some great Micro Trauma


Also sounds like a date that went very well...


That sounds similar to doing isometric holds at various positions in a rep, which isn't a terrible idea if you're into isometric stuff. Remember, isometric holds only have about 15 degrees of carryover.

That being said, I think lifting fast but controlled is nearly always the best way. Only rarely will I mess around with wierd tempos. I don't like to do anything "cute".


LOL, or one that went Bad and you were forced to take things in your own hands