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Slow Progress

So, I have doing muscular endurance exercises consistently for about three weeks now. However I feel like I am making slow progress. I have my entire training log already posted on this thread:

Yesterday, I was able to increase the reps on the lat row exercise by about 10 per set and the leg curl stability ball exercise by 10 per set, and on the back extensions on the floor by 5 reps per set. Also, for some reason as of this week I could only do 30 reps per set instead of 35 reps per set on the hindu push-ups exercises. The reps on the hindu squats and crunches exercises were the same as was shown on my posted training log.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Also this is my estimated daily macronutrient intake: 301 g of carbs, 120g of protein, 12% calories from fat including 4% of calories from saturated fat, 3% monounsaturated fat, 3% regular polyunsaturated fat, and about 2-3% of calories from omega-3s and omega-6s. Any help would again be greatly appreciated.

I rhink one of your biggest drawbacks here is that you are a ways from your maximal effort 1RM in any of the movements. Fatigue is associated with many factors… I think u should probably look more long-term for rep comparisons in those exercises. If youre still struggling to increase reps a few weeks from now make some modifications. BUT the fact that you jumped 10 reps in one week on a particlar movement is a great example that high fluctuations can occur. You wouldnt expect a 30 percent increase in your 1rm over that same one week span. Stick with it for awhile if thats your goal. If your still struggling in a few weeks id start to review frequency of your program (ie - how often per week or biweekly, etc). Continual improvement of high reps probably has a longer time horizon! Good luck.

Endurance takes time. Months and years, not weeks.

That why it’s called endurance.