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Slow Progress on Body Recomp

Hello there

After a couple of years o incosistent training and eating. I found myself back motivated to change my body again.

For myself
turning 30 this year
I’m 174cm tall, weighing 85kg

My macros are super low (maitnence)

I started 8 weeks ago with my lifting again, trying to do a proper Body recomp.

On the above macros, my weight statys the same, between 84-86 kg.
But the results in mirror are improving, wich is pretty normal i guess.

I think i’m more of a intermediate lifter, but because of inconsitency i treat myself as a beginner.

Currently doing, and love doing a 5/3/1 (classic variation with some jokers), and my accessory work is doing one extra move for that day + other muscles (back, arms, etc.) in myo reps Style.
Doin’ pretty well, strength is goin up, mass is goin up as well (i think cause of mirror changes) and fat should be also decresing.

I train 3-4 days a week for around 45-60min, and also doing light cardio 4-5 times a week (30min sessions on stationary bike).

Eating wise, i hit my macros for week for about 80%. sometimes on non training days i eat less carbs, and on weekends, when i’m eating out, it’s also very difficult to calculate.

My main goal right now is to keep or raise my strength levels but lose fat.
I got a big chunk of lovehandels that need to go away. I don’t know how much bodyfat % i have, but i think its more then i think.

I had this belly fat for around ten years now, and no it needs to go.

I feel that my progression is a bit to slow, maybe i should be more patient.

I’m not sure what my next step should be.
I know i can be a bit more optimal with mealtiming, and trying to be more consistent with the macros.

What would someone consider adding/removing for my plan, i’m annoyd to eat less calories cause they are already very low, i could also add more cardio or more HIIT cardio.

Can somebody recommend something, or has someone dealt with the same stuff?

thx for advice

I’d get consistent with macros before you change any other variables, if you think that’s a factor.
What are you looking to do with meal timing? For myself, I don’t find messing with meal timing changes my results in any way directly, but it can greatly improve my ability to be consistent and have good workouts; so indirectly it can be a huge deal.

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Eating my carbs before/around my workouts (not immediatly before, like 1-2h before) and eating less carbs before bed (i train like 4-5h before bed). I need to experiment with that

I am very, very skeptical of the claim that an active, 185-190#, 30 y.o. male needs only 2000 cals a day to maintain his BW. I recommend an honest accounting of your caloric intake.

My job is 60% sitting on desk, 40% standing.
I used to eat a lot more (like 2800 or so) when i had a ONLY standing job. I don‘t know why my metabolism slowed down like that.

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Even with a sedentary job, your BMR should be well above 2000. (Heck, even if you did nothing but lie in bed all day you should be ~2300 or so.) Anyway…You say your weight is stable, but you’re seeing improvements in composition. That means 1) you’re making progress, and 2) your caloric intake–whatever it may be–is about right. Absent steroid use, recomping is a very slow process. As you acknowledged in the OP, you probably just need to be more patient.

You prob right, i should just stick to my gameplan and optimising stuff. Maybe i would have to wait a bit longer to post this thread.

Move on to a full body/high volume template -Krypteia or this below…

One very hard sprints /HIIT session a good idea also

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