Slow Progress and Free and Total T in the Very Low Range

Hello guys, thank you in advance for help. Please check my recent training history and latest progress pick in the Beginners section:

There is some progress, but it looks very slow so i did some blood to see if my hormones are doing what they should.

This is the result, very low total and free test, never used aas. Higher than normal Gh and igf1 because i take a growth hormone secretogogue. Its legit and its working, i sleep deep and wake up refresced. Eating 3000cal of fresh and nutritious foods: at least 150g protein a day from beef eggs fish liver ecc.

About 5 eggs a day and enough fats to be used for the body to create testosterone. So this low T its caused by a low fat diet. I eat beef and eggs often.

The gh secretogogue does not cause suppression.

I have low libido, i don’t think about sex i dont get horny if i see a hot chick and i dont wake up with an erection.

I jerk off watching porn it works only after stimulation. I think of finding a girlfriend just for affection and stuff like, i don’t think about horny stuff im more like and old man but im only 31 yo.

I started taking finastride to avoid hair loss: it lowers the androgen DHT about 60% to avoid hair loss. If testosterone dosent convert into DHT thanks to finastride it means that i should have raised levels of free and total test.
But i dont have a post finastride blood test yet: this blood tests are 2 months old. I only started taking finastride 1 month an a half ago.

This symptoms are not caused by finastride, i have had low libido and skinny fat body composition for years. I didn’t feel any change after starting finastride, exept dense and faster hair growth.

I have also some sarms in stock like Lgd and Ostarine, i would like to cycle it to recomp faster and lift more.
But this sarms are suppressive, i already have t in the literal low range, im afraid if i cycle sarma i would get benefits during cycle but than suffer strong low t symptoms after cycle and would need aggressive PCT for suppressing what was already naturally suppressed.

Thats why i want to visit an endo next week first.

Meanwhile i would to hear your opinion about my situation, i would like to recomp so bad and be fit, even skinny ripped its ok. But i don’t want to put my hair at risk, never.

Thank you guys!

Stop the finasteride. Too risky.

Add testosterone.


I’m not really sure what you’re asking?

Hello, whats risky about finastride? I have had no sides from it. I’m only looking for hair safe solutions, removing finastride its not hair safe, my father and brother are bold.

Google post finasteride syndrome. It’s screwed some people up for years. I would shave my head today to undo ever taking it. And I have really good hair now, haha

I agree, the obvious problem is TT and FT are closer to the bottom of the ranges. Your estrogen is healthy, but once you start TRT expect estrogen sides unless you are able to control it by frequent dosing, you may require an AI if frequent dosing fails to lower estrogen.

IGF-1 is a better indicator of growth hormone levels, but testosterone can increase growth hormone levels. The body can convert FT down other pathways like E2, DHT and even epitestosterone leaving your FT in the gutter.

You’re not going to fix things naturally from having your hormone levels at the bottom of the range. I understand you not wanting to lose your hair, but low testosterone will cause you to lose more than just your hair if you remain at these levels for too long.

TRT can accelerate hair loss in those who are prone to hair loss, so if hair loss is in your genes, then there’s nothing you can do about it, you can slow it down but it’s going to happen regardless. You’re more than likely going to see crazy high DHT on TRT.

Finasteride is an endocrine disruptor and can crash your hormone levels permanently by blocking hormonal pathways or sending hormones down other pathways leaving other hormones deficient.

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Im taking finaatride without sides, my dermatologist also told me to be carefull because people spread myths about finastride because some people want to take legal action against peopecia and they created a site where they spread terrible stories.

I dont believe any of that, i have read the studies and it a very safe and effective drug

Why people on trt have very high DHT?
If you use physiological doses to stay in the high but still natural range shouldn’t you have normal DHT?

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Finasteride has absolutely destroyed people’s lives. It has. I don’t care what your dermatologist says. He has no reason to admit that. What’s he doing go say? “Oh yeah, I prescribed this to a lot of people and a few of them had crazy life changing side effects, here’s your 'script to help you save some hair, have a good day”? No. That IS a lawsuit waiting to happen. Instead they plead ignorance and believe the drug manufacturer that says it’s safe and keep prescribing. It isn’t worth the risk for hair. At the very least, take the absolute smallest dose you can. The stuff is crazy strong, you can take probably 1/5th of what you’re taking now and get the same results.

It makes no sense to me that you’re complaining about libido, etc. then destroying most of one of the most powerful sex hormones men have, DHT.

I took it for years. I was fine until the 5th year or so when I started having issues… there are lots of stories like that. At least look into it. I agree it’s a fairly rare side effect that doesn’t happen to a high percentage of people, but when it does happen the results can be devastating. There are several studies going on now that will hopefully better define WHAT is happening so more doctors will start believing it exists. Until then it’s just a bunch of people saying they’re having issues and not enough evidence to do anything about it.

There’s an old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it. Post Finasteride Syndrome is very real.

Merck even mentioned these symptoms that these men have experienced firsthand in the studies, but stated that the symptoms resolved after stopping the drug, this was actually untrue and it was this that was hidden and kept secret because it would have hurt the bottom line.

So these symptoms are very real, merck acknowledge it, so it’s not made up or a myth. I’m not saying finasteride is causing you any problems, I’m saying it has caused problems for 2% of men who have taken the drug and it’s already been documented, the train has already left the station.

We have had quite a few members who have suffered from finasteride and some have recovered fully, some not and those who have it worse have seen a trippling of testosterone levels are the worst cases.

pre finastride blood test


post finastride blood testpostfinastride

hello guys sorry for getting back to you so late, this is my blood test after 3 months of finastride, i dont feel any sides, my total and free test is a little bit higher, but still low perhaps, and DHT is lower, it went from 760pg to 530 pg/ml, its 30 x cent lower, but i’va read that finastride should lower DHT way more, like by 60% not just 30%

You and your dermatologist are completely wrong and you CAN suffer a lot as a result.
Finasteride can screw you for life and no amount of TRT will help you after that. Yes, it does not happen in everybody. Some can get away with that. Others are screwed. And it does not happen immediately. YOu wanna find out from which are you? Blocking any enzimatic process in the body is highly harmful. DHT is very necessary for your well being, the more the better. It causes most of the testosterone’s positives. Do you think your body has evolved to create DHT for nothing? Many of us doing TRT in injections consider how to take additional DHT like Proviron without the side effects
About your hear - screw it. Is it worthy harming your body? Get muscles and shave, as simple as that
Im also going bald for a few years because I have the gene. Im using some shampoo with natural substances that improved things. But I know I will go bald and I dont care

i dont want to be bald, i prefer side effects over baldness, i keep researching finastride sides and i find no proof.

anyway you say DHT is necesary, for what? the more the better…any proof of that? and did you see my blood test? i still have 530pg/ml of DHT, thats still a lot and theres people who are not taking finastride that have less than that. in fact i want my DHT to be even lower

DHT is the potent form of testosterone. So it’s like asking me why I need testosterone…

It’s easier to believe that all these poor souls are having delusions of grandeur and that finasteride is safe, because if you thought otherwise you would have to contemplate stopping finasteride and go bald which terrifies you.

Merck filing in court to have the dangers of finasteride hidden from public view and the judge allowed it, but when the case was made public record by mistake, people were able to uncover redacted documents.

The cat is out of the bag, the train has left the station, you can’t deny it any longer. DHT has many purposes and only a few we know of, many other processes inside the body we don’t even know about yet.

You say you would prefer to experience side effects rather than go bald, with that said I’m on the fence whether or not you had these problems before finasteride.

Vonko1988 provided a link to all the research on finasteride, have at it. If after reading all the research you are still unconvinced, then you’re living in denial because you don’t want to lose your hair.

Sure levels are indeed elevated, but POST Finasteride Syndrome prevents the body from using these hormones because gene expression is damaged. So you can have all these hormones and lose the ability to use them because of receptor damage.

You think you won’t care about the side effects but you will when your dick doesn’t work and/or have normal levels of sensitivity anymore and it doesn’t get better when you stop taking it

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Why do you want to keep your hair SOOOO badly?

I assume because you want to attract the opposite sex.

You know what truly repels the opposite? A broken dick.

The fact that you don’t know how important DHT is is terrifyingly ignorant as well for somebody trying to get their sex drive back. You have A LOT of research to do.

Pick your poison wisely, because if you should come back on here complaining about post finasteride syndrome and are looking for help, there’s not much we can do for you at all.

any proof of this? this guy has had zero DHT using duastride and he’s had no problems

My grandfather worked for Marlboro for 50 years, smoked for longer and died in his 90’s. I hate when people say cigarettes cause deadly cancer because it’s obvious they don’t. Everyone should smoke 3 packs a day of Marlboro Red 100’s.


Best comparison I’ve heard. Unfortunately it’s very true. Some people can smoke for 50 years and not get cancer, some will be hacking up cancer filled lungs in 10 is plenty of evidence that it isn’t worth it. The exact mechanism of what is happening to cause PFS isn’t understood yet but research is being done to try to figure it out. I’ve heard a lot of different theories but most of them are over my head to be honest. Nerve structure and androgen receptor changes HAVE been found in the penis of people w/PFS