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Slow Learners in Washington


(chart here. see link: http://www.doctorhousingbubble.com/siiv-super-ignorant-investment-vehicle-the-evolution-of-progressively-dumber-and-dumber-bailouts-3-emerging-trends-bailouts-getting-costlier-and-dumber-layoffs-accelerating-and-embracing-fru/ )

I was thinking of buying a house, but maybe it's not such a good idea. I mean, how do I know the government's done with it's social tampering, which will cost me tens of thousands in the future?


The way I see it, it's a win-win. If the Fed's stay out of it, we all win. If they intervene and get rates that low the big picture is not very good, but it will open many doors for those willing to play the market.

I know you are intelligent enough to be very opportunistic about it. Bottom line, I think it would be very wise to buy now. Buy a rental or two also if you can afford it.

Many men have become very rich because of bubbles like these. I have to admit, I actually got a little bit giddy when I first read about that.


With a creative mind in a free enterprise market place there is always money to be made. One persons misfortune is anothers fortune.


My general heuristic is: if I'm not sure what to do, I do nothing. Prices could still stand to come down another 20% in California before houses are considered a good buy. Wages haven't gone up here in 10 years.


You may wanna check out this vid.