Slow/High Under the Bar on Snatch

I’ve been working on my snatch (un-coached) for a while now, and it feels good to do. Was feeling like I was getting under fast, and pretty low. Then I had my gf video me, and I appear slow, and to be catching pretty high, almost power snatch. A disappointing revelation!

I know this is a bad camera angle, so it may be useless. But how slow am I really? I’m comparing myself to guys like Boevski, Tanev, Dimas etc etc. Also, my knee re-bend is very minimal I notice. It’s almost one flowing pull from floor to 3rd pull… should I be straightening my legs more, and then re-bending?
P.S it’s 75kg, and I weigh approx 83-85kg, for what it’s worth.


very tricky angle but looks like you need to get shoulders over the bar bit more in first and second pull hence stepping forward/bar bouncing off thigh too much and ending up slightly in front. do plenty of 3s and get deep on every one, hold the bottom position for a couple of seconds

Thanks Charlie! sorry for the late reply.

Yeah, I’ll work on staying over the bar, and not pulling early. Perhaps post another vid from a better angle once I’ve made some progress on it.

Thanks again.