Slow eccentric--when to end a set

Some of your programs call for a slow eccentric, say 8-10 seconds and an RPE of 9-10.

In this scenario, what does RPE 9-10 look like?

Say I knock out five solid reps, but think I have another in me. I start to descend, but realize midway, I’ll have to speed the rep up a bit to make it. I finish with a slow, but technically solid, concentric. Should I stop there?

Or, should I speed up a bit more and get another rep or two?

You are likely referring to mostly performance-based programs, likely using my omni-contraction system which has one day of eccentric focus.

When we are doing an eccentric day like that, RPE of 9-10 (or 0-1 RIR) applies to work using the prescribed tempo.

So if the programmed tempo uses an 8 seconds eccentric, an RPE of 9-10 (or 0-1 RIR) means that you push your set to the point where do as many reps as you can while respecting the programmed tempo… you do not keep doing reps with a faster tempo (unless specifically mentioned).

More and more we talk about TASK FAILURE rather than muscle failure. When you can no longe do the required task, you stop. In this case, your task is doing your reps with an 8 seconds eccentric, when you can no longe do that, you stop.

Now, if as you explained in your example, if you realise mid-rep that if you keep going down in 8 seconds you will fail that rep, you can accelerate to finish that rep. But it means that you hit task failure and you stop your set.

NOTE: This only applies for sets where the slow eccentric is the key of the set. In a normal set, you can speed up the eccentric to get more reps in. But in this specific programing, the 8 seconds eccentric is the key part of the set.