Slow Down Metabolism?

My boyfriend has tried weight gain formulas and eats fattening foods right before bed…all the little methods people suggest. His metabolism is extreme. He’s 6’2 and 150 lbs. Can anyone make any suggestions for him to slow down his metabolism or gain some weight?

I assume he’s lifting for mass gains. He needs to eat high calorie foods constantly throughout the day. He should only lift two to three days per week focusing on compounds lifts and his workout should be a short 30 to 40 minute duration where he hits the main muscle group in one or two different exercises. The rest of his time outside of the gym he should take it easy, no basketball, cardio, just be lazy and eat.

Start dating a beefier guy and maybe he’ll get serious about eating more and putting on muscle!

Okay, seriously though, slowing down metabolism is not the issue. Eating serious amounts of calories, making sure to not overtrain in an attempt to grow and getting plenty of rest are some of the keys to putting on some mass.

Usually, around here, it is determined the problem usually lies in really learning how to eat the large amounts required. For people who aren’t predisposed to getting fat, they have to work very hard at eating enough.

Those of us who get fat easily hate them… argh!

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