Slow Digestion Problems

I seem to find that if I eat before training I need to leave a minimum of 90-120 minutes before I can train without feeling nauseous.

This goes for something as simple as a banana, or a protein shake or a bit of pasta.

It’s certainly not because I don’t eat well as I get plenty of wholegrains, fruit & vegetables with quality protein.

Any ideas on what I can do to help this?

Thanks in advance,


Hmm, not sure I have anything useful to say, but I’ll ramble a bit incase anything seems useful.

I find how much I can eat before working depends on how intense I will be working. I may have a small meal an hour and half before, but I am okay if I just have half a glass of milk, or a small serving of Surge or something minor.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the need for a warmup. Getting the blood away from the stomach and to the muscles, before getting into anything extremely strenuous leaves me feeling better.

Vroom, I’ve tried small amounts of food, different types of food, different warm-ups etc.

Whatever I do it just seems to kill me if I don’t leave it for a good while.

I’ve even tried probiotics but they don’t help.

I might just try something like Powerade (isotonic drink) and dose up on protein afterwards.

Will it make much of a difference if I’m not taking in protein before I train?