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Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Recipe

  1. Slow cook (crock pot) your choice of chicken pieces with about 1/2 inch of broth in the bottom of the pot (slow cook chicken takes about 8 hours on low setting or 4-6 hours on a high setting). You can also throw in carrots, celery, etc. when you begin to cook the rice.

  2. When chicken is 1 hour from being finished, cook 2 cups of brown rice (2 cups of rice needs 4 cups of water; bring to a boil; turn heat down to low and cover pot for 45 minutes)

  3. When chicken and rice are both finished, mix together with (1) can of chicken broth and (2) cans of 99% fat free cream of chicken.

This receipe is delicious, is simple, relatively cheap to make, and very good for protein and good carbs.

Does anyone else have any recipes?

Crockpot chili recipes

I cook these in my rice cooker sometimes, as I share a kitchen with 30 chinese kids and they tend to rule the kitchen for 10 hours at a time during the school year. Can’t even reach the microwave, lol.

If you just google you’ll find a TON of recipes though. Or make your own, you only need meat, veggies and a liquid (stock or just water) - plus all your favourite spices.

2 new recipes I love that I can say I created, but really all I did was make these in the crockpot so they are ready when I get home from the gym:

First off I love Italian Beef, who doesn’t? I was at w/ a buddy of mine from college when I found this recipe, and it is sooooo damn easy and tasty.

Long story short we were back at his parents house for some good ole southern illinois farm food, and a huge festival with tractor pulls and everything(boring…zzzzz).

Anyways, we were all sitting around the island in his parents kitchen, when his hot ass sister starts mixing up this concoction in the crockpot. ITALIAN CHICKEN MY FRIENDS AND THERE ARE THREE FREAKING INGREDIENTS. Man was it good later that day!

Italian Chicken:
Crockpot set on low Setting

3-4 skinless boneless chix breasts
1 jar of pepperoncini’s w/ juice
italian seasonings (i use mccormicks)

trim fat if any off of chix breasts and dump in crockpot, dump entire jar of peppers in crockpot, then fill up halfway with water and pour water into the crockpot.

Sprinkle italian seasonings over top i would say 2 tablespoons (more or less see what you like), and put top on crockpot, and go about your day. Come back from gym and chicken will shred itself, but if needed shred it with a fork, doesn’t take much time.

It will be so tender you barely need to do anything. When you pick it up w/ tongs it should fall apart. Eat with whole stoneground wheat bun or no bun, with a side of veggies.

prep time: 5 minutes
cook time: 5-6 hours while you are at work
good eats! enjoy!

2nd Meal

Low Carb Chicken Tacos

3 chicken breasts
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 red onion
package of taco seasoning
1 cup of water
1 package of LaTortilla Factory low carb garlic herb tortillas (6 grams of fiber and 4 net carbs!!)

chop peppers and onions, throw in pot, throw in chicken, spices, and water, and cover and set on low. Come back in 4-5 hours and serve on tortilla with low fat sour cream, hot sauce, and fat free cheese. Delicious and healthy!!!

same directions as last recipe and its good

Italian meatballs.
1 bag of frozen itallian meatballs and one bottle of kraft bbq sauce. a few tbsp of water. Cook on low overnight.

Easy potroast
1 boneless chuck roast, rub with Lipton onion soup mix. Also throw 1 can of cream of mushroom soup in there. Dump some vegis in there all the way to the top (carrots, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc). and cook on low overnight.