Slow Biceps Recovery

When i train biceps, i must rest along time inbetween sets, perhaps 3-4 minutes to be able to do the same number of reps of a certain weight again. Should i wait? Or would i benefit from doing lighter weights in the subsequent sets?

Why do you have to rest? Are your wrists failing? Is it your grip?

grip’s fine, in short, my biceps become weak, i simply can’t move the same weight.

What rep/set parameters are you using?

When are you doing them?

On the same day as your pull movements?

If so, do you do them before or after your bigger movements (chin ups, pull downs, bent over rows, etc.)?

Well, my back day was the day before. But still. I do about 10 reps, 6 sets in diffirent excersices.

That is about the natural rate of recovery. If you rep to exhaustion, then it will take about 3 minutes to recover, otherwise the number of reps you are capable of will match your level of recovery. For example- You use your 10 rep max and do 10 reps to achieve full exhaustion. 2 minutes later at 80 percent recovery, with the same weight- you would be capable of 8 reps.
By recover though, I mean short term set to set, not full and ready for the next workout recovered.