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Sloughting Shoulders from Bench Press


i have tried reading up on it and i found some stuff saying that face pulls will help me.

do you think it's going to fix it?


Yes. With all the information you provided I can definitively say that is clearly all you need to do.


yeah well here goes:

So apparently, when one muscles gets trained while the one on the opposite side does not, it gets tight and posture problems arises.

So i think that in my situation, whit me benching and overhead pressing so much, while not correctly training upper traps and rear shoulders, i have developed sloughing shoulders where the pecs and front deltoids has gotten too tight.

so i was wondering might face pulls fix sloughing shoulders?

i have more posture problems which i am trying to fix so if you know anyone about the folowing please tell me:

Excessive lordosis in lower back
When standing upright my arms hang infront of the body with the palms of my hands facing against the body
my hip is not straight

so yeah :confused: i got a lot of problems to fix


If you ahve created an inbalance from too much pressing and not enough rowing; doing some face pulls is not going to get it done. Why aren't you training back?


i have been bent over rowing for pretty much as long as i have been benching, i also do deadlift,hyperextensions and chin ups/pull ups


There are tons of excellent articles on this site, check out some of them, and see if they might be applicable. Check out Cressey's "Neanderthal No More" series as a start, and see if there is anything applicable that you're not doing. I'm still confused on what you actually have going on, not familiar with what "sloughing shoulders" are other than your brief descriptions.


As others have stated, you need way more than just face pulls to correct your problem from the way you described it. Will they help - yes. Are they the total answer - no.

If your postural issues are as bad as you describe (slouching shoulders/rolled forward shoulders?, excessive lumbar lordosis, and what sounds to be an elevated hip), it isn't something that I'd suggest trying to correct on your own. I'd recommend finding a professional in your area that can give you a dynamic movement and static postural screening. Then they can provide you with the exact corrective exercise plan that will fix your imbalances and fit your needs.


Also... think ratios... one corrective exercise versus 23 hours and 55 minutes of dysfunction... not going to fix your problems.