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SlotegeAllDay's Beginner Training Log

A little about myself. Im John, 21 years old. 69-70" tall, 120lbs. I was always scrawny as a kid and in high school (still am), so my sophomore year I started working out a little bit to make an effort to do something about it. Unfortunately I lacked direction and knowledge, so I made the mistake of only working upper body. This resulted in poor, slow gains, muscular imbalances, and bad technique. Ive worked a couple manual labor jobs, which did give me results.

That being said, these are my overall goals:
1)Gain size and strength
2)Get rid of muscular imbalances between upper/lower body and right side/left side of upper body.
3)Correct technique on benchpress and any others.

To do this I began Starting Strength a month or so ago. My deadlift and squat have seen the greatest improvement, while my benchpress has remained stagnant. My deadlift has come from barely being able to lift 135lbs (injured back in the process), to pulling 175lbs with no problems (1/1/2013, while drunk. Not advised). My squat has come from a 65x3x5 to 115x3x5.

Lifts as of 1/3/2013:
Deadlift- 135x1x5
Squat- 115x3x5
Benchpress- 110x3x5
OHP- 75x3x5
Power clean- 55x5x3 (having difficulty with proper technique and flipping elbows under bar)

I was unable to workout most of last week, so I did the safe route and deloaded about 10-15 pounds on some lifts.

Measurements: (1/3/2013 taken with shoe string and tape measure. Give or take half inch on all)
Right arm - 13"
Left arm - 12.5"
Chest - 33"
Shoulders - 41"
Waist - 29.5"
Right thigh - 18"
Left thigh - 18"
Right calf - 12"
Left calf - 12"

Current pictures to be posted later. Pictures and measurements will be updated every other Friday. I think thats about it for now. I welcome and appreciate all tips and advice, as well as constructive criticism.

best of luck man.

P.S. why were you deadlifting drunk?? LOL

[quote]E901 wrote:
best of luck man.

P.S. why were you deadlifting drunk?? LOL[/quote]Thanks dude. Lol, my buddy came up to visit and we were in my garage after I just finished my workout, and I just said “fuck it, lets see how much I can get”. If I wouldnt have had him to monitor my form and spot I wouldnt have attempted.


Didnt get much sleep. Neighbors dog decided that he wanted to bark all goddamn night. Woke up groggy without much of an appetite, so I didnt move up in weight the normal amount I would. Only 5 pounds per lift.

Warm up sets squats:
Work sets 120x3x5

Warm up OHP:
Work sets 80x3x5

Warm up deadlift:
Work sets 140x1x5

Whey protein shake immediately after with fat scoop of peanut butter blended in. Not much of a relaxing weekend ahead as I have to work on my brothers car.

Pictures taken today 1-6-2013. Try to ignore pasty skin, and my brothers messy ass room.