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Sloping Shoulders

I searched for some answers but came up with out anything so I will ask the question that I know should already be on the forums and probably is on the forums but I do not wish to dig through so many posts.

I have slopping shoulders. I am short and stocky, 5?5? and weigh 200lbs. My shoulders sloop and am looking for exercises that may correct the problem.

In the Army, I did many pushups, dips etc. Now I have been out ten years and my shoulders look pathetic. I will not get into the beer gut I am also trying to lose; I am getting back into working out. I am even doing yoga to stretch and it is not because of the women in the yoga class?sort of.

I have neck problems, probably from sitting at the desk too much, and my shoulders hurt after a day at work. I seem to have an imbalance. I hope that posting here is not inappropriate I am just looking for answers from experts.

Any suggestions?

sloping, as in they roll forward?

Based on your post, i would do a total body exercise program and see what happens…just a basic program. While working your shoulder might help for short term; it could create an imbalance as it appears you are doing little or no exercise for any body part?

I can only say from my experience that when i tried only exercising a specific body part while ignoring the rest, the results were never good.

I assume you mean rolling shoulders as well. Work on posture all day long until you get that shit right. It’s uncomfortable, and it’ll feel awkward, but you’ll save yourself in the long run.

My alignment has always been fucked up becauses of a few factors, but I’ve recently cleaned up my posture and things are operating much better.

Remember: Shoulders back, head upright, chest out.

Read more of Eric Cressey’s articles he’s all about performance,posture, balance, strength imbalances and so on. WORK on POsture

Work your back.

bent over barbell rows and seated rope pulls to the neck might work well for you.

Sloping, as in what? You’re traps are huge and slope downward to your delts??

I agree with DS77 in that you should just do a basic program, maybe placing a little more emphasis on your upper back/rear delts.

[quote]rock27 wrote:
Sloping, as in what? You’re traps are huge and slope downward to your delts??[/quote]

Funny, I’m in the process of developing that problem, LOL!

tight pecs, pec minor, weak rhomboids and mid traps. ive had the same problem. i agree with checking cressey’s stuff and scapular stabilization exercises