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Sloped Chest

I seem to have what I call a “sloped” chest. Before I knew any better, all I did was flat bench and developed rotated shoulders (also from poor posture) and a pretty decent chest. I then realized I was lacking any upper chest so I hit inclines hard and filled in the upper chest considerably (I can now incline almost as much as flat bench).

Well, as you can see from the picture, I still have this sloped chest. I would really like to “square” it up. I have read many of the arcticles on rotated shoulders and hunchback syndrome such as the Neandrathal No More series. I am really incorporating a lot of heavy pulling exercises…especially deadlifts, which I never used to do.

Does it sound like I am on the right track or does genetics play quite a big part? (I have a pretty “low” chest and a bigger rib cage). I know Arnie had this sloped chest. Just curious if I am on the right track with the rotated shoulders and poor posture diagnosis or if I should be looking at something else.