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Sloh's 3 Year Offseason - 125 to 200lbs



The last time I posted on this site was probably within my first year of lifting...should have just kept my mouth shut. Anyways, I'm currently 22 years old and preparing for my first contest, the NPC Border States in San Diego. I am applying to medical school this year and feel that this is a perfect opportunity for me to compete. If I'm not lean enough when the time comes, I will push the contest back to the Excalibur. I've been working with Skip.

However, this contest is not the point of this thread. I would like to use this thread to show my offseason progression over the past 3.5 years through college. I'm not posting this in the rate my physique forum because I could really care less for a critique at this point. After I compete, I will post those pictures up.

So, a little background about me....very inactive throughout my youth all the way up until I was a senior year in high school. I'm 5'5, and I was a lard at 200 lbs. Dropped to 125 lbs in less than a year with starvation and cardio. Started taking lifting a lot more seriously after I found out about this site and constantly reading ProfX, tribunaldude, and other experienced members' posts.

I now spend a lot of time on other forums...not sure if I am allowed to name them here. So, throughout my years of college, I have gradually brought my weight up to around 195-200 and maintained this weight for a couple months. I am now in the middle of a prep and hope to come in as a lightweight.

The following picture is me when I was at 200 lbs at 17 years old.

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Bulking How Its Done
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125 lbs at 18rs old



a year into it…135 lbs



135 lbs again


142 lbs…


142 lbs…


142 lbs…again


195-200 lbs


195-200 lbs again




I’m currently in the middle of the prep and at 181 lbs. I’d like to come in at around 154…Skip will decide if I have to suck down that much though. My long term goals are to be a national level lightweight/welterweight competitor.


Yes. You did great.

Keep it up, man.


Hell yeah bro. Definitely keeping an eye on your progress! Very good stuff indeed.



Great progress!


Thoroughly impressed. A great job indeed! What was your training and nutrition like during this transformation?


Great fuckin’ job kid.

That is impressive - hard work and dedication - who would think that actually works! ; )


I like how people wear their hats backwatds when they get to be a certain weight.


Awesome! You’ve done an exceptional job. Good luck with your contest.


Yessir! T-Nation success story. Others should pay attention. Read, learn, and apply. Repeat this process for years and you have results. Good job man.