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Slipp's 5/3/1 Log Post Surgery

I’m back, and just a little weaker in the legs due to surgery. I was cleared a week or so back to train, but I gave it a week more so that I could be sure. Plus, my university gym opened today.

I know what your thinking, oh no not another 5/3/1 log, but it is. I’m going to be doing the bodybuilder template, for four days a week. Military Press on Monday, Deadlift on Tuesday, Bench on Thursday, and Squat on Friday.

My squat numbers are way down due to the surgery, but they will get back up in no time. I know it.

1 rep maxes
Deadlift (from floor No touch and go) 335
Bench 260
Military Press 185
Squat 245

Let the fun begin. I start on Monday.