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Slippery BJJ Mats

Hi guys,

Just moved to a new gym with new mats, which are very smooth and slippery.

When I do that spin on your back break dancing move I can do 4-5 whole rotations in one spin, and this is when the mat is dry. With a little sweat the mats were even more slippery. On a few occasions my hand/foot slipped when trying to post.

So what’s the deal with slippery mats? Dangerous for injuries? Do I need to adjust my game? What style works better for slippery mats? Anybody ever leave a gym because their mats were too slippery?


Don’t do judo.


The mats at my last gym got so slippery during summer open mats that standing up was almost impossible. I can imagine it being a minor injury liability, but it definitely didn’t chase me away from the place. Slipping and sliding around was more of an annoyance than anything else. I think the worst movement related injuries tend to happen when something sticks to the ground while the rest of you keeps going in an awkward direction.

I’d just deal with it and maybe bring some extra towels to try and keep it it a little drier.

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