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Slipped L5 Disc - Lots of Movement in Lower Spine

So I’ve been dealing with lower back issues for a while, stemming from a big hit playing rugby and then exacerbated by deadlifting a few months later when I thought I was all good. Had a scan and have been told it was a slipped disc in the L5. I was told rest and recuperation is the key - but that was 8 weeks ago.

Now it feels different - not so much like the bulge it was but now I’m getting a lot of movement around the area of the lower spine, clicks / cracks / clunks. If it was a car I’d say it ‘had a knock’. And the pain is different too - sharper somehow I think.

So I haven’t been deadlifting / squating / running for the last 8 weeks and getting a bit antsy for not training right. Anyone had any experience with a slipped disc? Is this normal? How much longer in your experience before it comes right? This is starting to get me down now :-1:.

Thanks in advance boys :muscle: