Slipped Disc and Legs Training

Hi all !

I would like to ask, who here has a slipped disc. Certified by specialist, MRI done etc. And still does squats and deadlifts.

If so, how are you coping ? Is it getting worse or feels fine ?

If not, what are you doing to bring up your legs and lower back. Assuming you even bother about them.

Thanks alot for the input !

Reverse hyperextensions!


I had part of L5-6 removed (microdiscectomy) when I was 17…over a decade ago. I carefully added in deads, stiff-legged deads, and squats a couple of years ago when I got serious about adding mass.

I recommend the book “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. Sarno to anyone I know with back issues. It may sound dramatic, but it truly changed my life.