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Slip-on Knee Wrap? Elbow Sleeve?


I'm looking for a knee wrap I can slip on for when I do like 80% work. Wrapping my knees with the normal wraps takes so damn long between sets, and I dont' need them except for heavier work.

So, I want something I can slip on with a little rebound. Not rehban or whatever they are as they just keep your knees warm, I want a little benefit of the wrap.

I thought I saw a wrap that had 3 Velcro straps on it to tighten it up, dunno if this will be any good or not.

I am also looking for a elbow sleeve to combat golf elbow. Many times while lifting, especially on any sort of curl exercise, my bicep to my elbow area will just scream at me with burning pain. I'm looking to stop that.


Strength Shop Usa- Odin Triple Ply Knee Sleeves- Gives maybe 20lbs if you really sit on them.
Ken Anderson Powerlifting- SBDs pretty much the same.
The sleeve your talking about is made by Inzer and is the most uncomfortable and useless thing I have ever put on. As for the elbows the Slingshot Compression Cuffs work awesome in my opinion for tendonitis and don’t give you any numbers. Your not going to find a sleeve that will give you even half what a tight wrap will.


I tried the Slingshot Compression Cuffs, but the largest ones wouldn’t fit, but is what I am looking for.

I’ll give the other knee sleeves a shot. I’m not looking to get much out of them, just looking to make it a nice inbetween of no wraps and 3/4 tight wrap.


When the largest compression band doesn’t fit you are supposed to get a smaller sized hammy band. That’s what a partner of mine had to do. As for the sleeves the best I have gotten is like I said maybe 20lbs out of the 2 I mentioned above and only if I am squatting close.


[quote]Reed wrote:

Right here’s your answer buddy.


I prefer the Odins honestly ^^^


[quote]Reed wrote:
I prefer the Odins honestly ^^^[/quote]
That’s interesting; I haven’t actually heard much about them. The SBD’s are fantastic though, so hell the Odins might be pretty phenominal. I’ll have to give them a try if I ever get the chance.


I just like them because they actually feel like a wrap more so than sleeve. Thicker than the SBDs but with pretty much the same little bit of stopping power in the bottom. My legs dont sweat as bad in them either.


I read it as ‘I am looking for a knee sleeve where I do 80% of the work’, and I immediately thought of SBDs haha