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Slingshot Record Breakers

Watching the livestream for this one. Judging is again a meme: high squats and TnG benching so far. Bit hard to give gifts on deadlift but I’m sure they’ll find a way.

Looking forward to a big PR total from Woolam. The icing on the cake is going to be a massive deadlift

Andrew Herbert takes the WR squat off Eduard Khanjyan

Andrew Herbert’s squat is like 3-4 inches high, the judging at this meet is a joke. No wonder I never heard anyone mention Record Breakers until now this year. Belkin’s 1000lb half way aborted squat might as well count as a world record.

Cailer Woolam could probably squat at least 900 with wraps and 6 inches higher, where would that put his total?

This meet must be undercover sponsored by the IPF.

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Did you see his bench? It was literally touch and go, and unless my sound was delayed it was a full second before the press command. There obviously isn’t the same nostalgic fondness for PL judges as there is umpires in baseball, so why keep them? At high level meets, would it be impossible to rig up sensors on the lifter that beep when they’ve breached parallel on the squat, or sensors on the chest that give a predetermined pause time once the bar contacts them before a press command is issued? Just seems like you could remove all uncertainty without much hassle. At local meets it would be overkill but for world records and televised meets, seems worth it.

I’d say the opposite solution is in order.

Take the sport away from “record breaking” stupidity and have the focus go back to winning the MEET: not beating some number on a spreadsheet somewhere.

Then, it doesn’t matter if the judging is loose at the meet, because it’s loose for everyone. Cost no extra dollars, no new technology, no increase in meet fees, and makes the sport actually interesting again, because now it’s about intelligently picking your attempts to edge out your competition.


Has anyone posted squat videos from the side judge view? Because that’s where you can pick depth.


Ain’t arguing with u mate but u reckon a squats that’s not even close is gonna look different directly from the side vs diagonal angle? I’m having a hard to visualising it in my head

It’s all about the angles. Sometimes you can judge depth from the front ( like when it’s super obvious ) most of the time you can’t though.

I personally feel it’s bullshit to call depth from the front on 98% of squats.

Though some of these i’m leaning towards the 2%

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All you need is a couple of side cameras in cases there is doubt as to whether the squat was good or not, except in this case there is no doubt that it was high as fuck. Judging the bench and deadlift is pretty simple and if the judges are not capable then the whole meet is a joke.

The weird thing is that when Herbert broke the squat record last year at the US Open it was on the day that they had those retarded judges that gave red lights for almost every single squat. Herbert squatted maybe a foot deeper than he did this time and the way he went down I was sure he wasn’t coming back up but somehow he did it. Someone should find that video to compare.

I disagree, I’m fine with records being the goal but the judging needs to be reasonable at the very least.

One hour one minute 9 seconds into the livestream
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This goes to show that while you can’t judge squat depth from the front when it’s close, you can definitely tell when it’s either way below or way above parallel.

And unfortunately, stuff like this only serves to benefit the IPF because other federations are making themselves look foolish.

Is Woolam’s lift good? I think I saw downward movement there before it kept going back up…not sure if the weights broke off the floor before the downard movement though

Yep, downward movement and his knees were never locked at the top either.

Yeah noticed this too. His most recent training footage of 435kg went well though.

One more thing I should have mentioned is the bar they’re using. Personally I don’t like these whippy DL specific bars for a number of reasons. If you look at his lock out his knees are shaking in and out of lock and the discs are shaking at the end of the bar because of all the flex. Assuming he could lift the same weight on a stiff IPF style bar he probably would have had a better lock out. It’s like there’s a feedback loop of shaking preventing a solid lockout.

His 435 training lift was on a DL bar. I think he was just shaking because he was at his limit.

The initial downward movement was before it broke the floor, so not an issue. The lockout was pretty soft though.

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Got it. Still, incredible feat nonetheless

USAPL/IPF rules say that once the attempt starts, which it clearly had, any downward movement of the bar is a no lift. It doesn’t matter if the weight discs have left the floor or not. IMO he actually took two attempts at that lift. Still impressive though.

That is totally irrelevant because this is neither an IPF nor USAPL meet.

The plates on the inside left the floor, and it does matter. There are a lot of lifters (including myself) who pull on the bar a couple times to get tight before actually initiating the lift, even on a stiff bar with enough weight this will cause some bending and up and down movement at the center of the bar. Notice that nobody gets called for that, ever. The difference here is that he did start pulling for real and the inside plates went back down to the floor before going back up.

That’s what I have been saying all along, deadlift bars are not an advantage for everyone.

That was questionable, but not as bad as the start of the lift. If it wasn’t a WR attempt wouldn’t be a big deal. Overall it was a fairly sloppy lift for a record and Cailer himself says he wasn’t happy with it, but it’s still way better than Herbert’s squat.

I know.


I was composing a quoted reply and something happened that deleted it so I’m going to redo this without the quotes.

I only mentioned USAPL because it’s what I’m most familiar with and it’s generally accepted as the most strict. I totally get shaking the bar to get tight. I do it too and that’s why the rules mention a deliberate attempt. We agree that’s not what he did so🍺.

It sucks that all these “world records” keep happening with shitty judging that raises questions and makes the sport look lame. Just like Herbert’s squat, ignore the whole walked out vs monolift issue, it was super high and should never count.