Slingshot for Incline Bench Press?

I hear about lots of people having success using the slingshot for flat benching but I don’t typically do any in my chest workouts I usually start with incline bench but have noticed a stall in strength gains and was wondering if the slingshot could help with incline also?

I assume the same sort of purpose would be met, though I fail to see the need for this thing for bodybuilding.

I have had success using a slingshot for incline dumbbell pressing, but for some reason everytime I try to use a slingshot with a barbell in any capacity it is just absolutely terrible.

How long is it that you’ve not gained strength?Also how do you train your incline?Cause if it’s a programming issue you’ll just stall with slingshot too after a while

the slingshot deloads the lift at the bottom of the movement. You don’t think there’s value in that for certain people with shoulder/pec injury history, or just mobility issues in general? Or perhaps just for training variety, working on overload in the top half of the movement? Meadows seems to think bands and chains and such have value in a bodybuilding program. This works by a similar mechanism.

Now that you put it like that, I see. Sometimes it takes my obtuse brain some time to comprehend something. :slight_smile:

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I actually think of it as a better tool for bodybuilding than for raw powerlifting.

In terms of powerlifting, the hardest part of a heavy bench press for most people isn’t the lockout, it’s the middle part of the range of motion, and the slingshot helps you push through that part through initial momentum. So for me, it just trains the part of the movement I’m already good at.

In bodybuilding terms, the top part of the movement seems to be largely tricep-centric. So it at least seems to me that this would be a good overload for tricep development. That’s at least what it’s felt like the few times I’ve put a slingshot on.

And it obviously has strong carryover to geared lifting. That’s mostly what I think it was designed for.

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Thanks for all the replys I think I’ll give it a try I just thought it’d be useful bodybuilding wise to be able to incline more weight to without it after using it for a while to gain size.

A couple of guys I know have the Sling shot and when they tried it on Incline Press they said it didn’t work. It only works on Flat pressing from what they told me.

Have used on lower incline angles (15-30 degrees), and I liked it quite a bit. Normal incline sometimes bothers my shoulders, the slingshot made it comfortable.