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Slingshot for Back Training?


I got my reactive sling shot in the mail today, AFTER having done my workout this morning, so I didn't give it a whirl on the bench. However, just to check the fit, I put it on, held my arms out in front, and pulled my elbows back. The contraction I felt in my rear delts and midback was unreal! I'm a big fan of doing light band-aparts in between sets of pressing, but these felt much better than a simple rubber band. This got me thinking, what about giving this a shot while doing bent rows? has anybody tried this? I'm kinda excited about trying this out, as 'feeling' the muscles of my back has always been an issue...I tend to pull more with my arms.


It would make the rows harder.


I imagine it would kind of be like putting chains on the bar for rows which I've done. I've also attached bands to machine rows too. At least it would affect the strength curve the same way. It really intensifies the contraction when the bar touches your midsection.


Some coach sometime recommended wrapping a band in a figure 8 and putting it around your shoulders. Then you would "arch" into it as like a warm up, postural correction move.

The Slingshot being sleeved over your whole upper arm and across the whole chest must make it way better.

What about inverted rows (fat man chinups)?

1 arm rows with the other arm held static against the pull of the Slingshot?

Mark Bell seems cool. I hope he makes a fortune from all these things. Has anyone been to his gym?


The inverted rows and the postural move sound good. I think the db rows would be a pain in the ass, though. I train at home, so having a simple thing like this that could add a fair bit of training variety is a sweet deal. Like I said, I haven't even used it yet for what it was designed for, and I'm already quite happy about the purchase!


Bit off topic but this post got me thinking do any of you guys that compete raw train with the assisted gear I'm guessing the answer is yes iv only been power lifting for a short time and my training is basic but has been working really well for me


If you're about to deadlift 300kg, stick with the basics!


Not really planning on changing anything what I'm doing is working well im hitting a pr on all lifts every week but just wondering for knowledge sake


I competed without assistance gear in my early 20s, and often in training I used an Inzer Standard Blast Shirt ('loose' fit, not competition tight). Basically, the most low-level single ply shirt there is. I used it for the same reason I've purchased the slingshot, to use if and when my shoulders are feeling a bit dodgy. Slingshot seems quite a bit more user-friendly as there isn't the hassle of squeezing my fat self into a shirt.


That would be a great idea for you. You should continue using it for developing the feels until you can get the same amount of contraction without it. I have also used uncommon methods like that to learn faster how muscle contraction should feel in most muscle groups and to improve lifting mechanics. It pays off later on.


Agreed 206!

Sometimes you just need that "unconventional" exercise to really target a specific area or muscle group, and MAKE it work. Then, the small area contributes better, technique improves and lifts go up.

Like "Bat Wings" or TRX Rows with a hold at the top to wake up the rhomboids to improve the bench press. Or declines to help learn to use the triceps.

Band Resisted Romanian Deadlifts to really get the glutes going before deadlifts.

Leg curls and hip hikes before squatting.