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Slingshot and 5/3/1

Hey guys,

Been considering buying a slingshot for accessories for bench. Just curious if anyone else has one or has used one while doing 5/3/1? I feel like it could be useful for close grip bench and possibly joker sets. I probably wouldn’t use it every week but wanting to know if anyone else has done this.


You might be able to work it in with some of the supplemental work after the main lift, BBB for example. The slingshot does let you use more weight for heavier 1RM etc but I’ve heard its actually more common to also use it for higher rep sets. You could do some of the assistance work at like 5-10% higher than you would without the slingshot. If you did it with joker sets I wouldn’t make it a regular thing.

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You can use it on Joker sets but then…it’s not really a Joker set anymore. For any big barbell movement in the 5/3/1 program, you have a shitload of freedom to use just about any movement (outside of your main movements) by programming it as part of your supplemental movement. And since there are numerous supplemental set/rep schemes in the 5/3/1 program, your only dilemma is choosing what to use. As always, account for the supplemental work in your total program; DO NOT DO A TEMPLATE! Do a PROGRAM.


Thanks Jim! Appreciate it