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Slingshot Anabolic Cycles...?

Just wanted to know your opinion on this guys… it’s from Ronnie Rowland.

[quote]Ronnie Rowland wrote:
Slingshot Training entails blasting for as long as humanly possible before having to take time off from heavy training. A blast is composed of two training phases-a “reload” and a “deload”. The reload is a higher volume training phase that last 8 weeks and a deload is a lower volume training phase that last 2 weeks.

Slingshot training works by reloading with more volume while your on an 8 week anabolic steroid cycle or 8 week pro-hormone cycle, etc. Anabolics have been shown to work best for appoximately 8 weeks. After that point, additional muscle gains slow dramatically and you would need to use higher amounts drugs or supplements to advance further. The problem with that approach is unwanted side effects. So in order to keep making maximum progress you come off a heavy cycle by lowering the amount of anabolics used, do a pct, or bridge with a small dose of anabolics for 2 weeks-all while reducing training volume and protein intake.

This 2 week period of reducing volume and protein is called a deload and it encourages receptor sites to become more sensitive to anabolics so that when you return to another (steroid cycle/reload) you’ll make more gains with less side effects.

To recap: You use more training volume and take in more protein during your 8 week anabolic steroid cycles so you can get the most out of each cycle. This is your reload ! After the reload you begin deloading for 2 weeks by using less training volume, higher reps (12-15) less anabolics and taking in less protein so you can return to another 8 week anabolic cycle/reload 2 weeks later and make continued progress. The cycle continues (reload/deload/reload/deload/reload/deload,etc)[/quote]

Here is a 20 week slingshot anabolic cycle he recommends even for a first cycle:

[quote]Ronnie Rowland wrote:
No value in running test e for 12 weeks at same dosage unless dieting down for a show because myostain levels will increase and shut down gains. More gains are made for first time users by doing a 20 week cycle not a 12 week cycle. With a 12 week cycle the last 4 weeks will produce very little if any further gains! In other words, during the last 4 weeks of a 12 week cycle you will be mostly maintaining what gains you made during first 8 weeks.[/quote]

RELOAD: Weeks 1-8 Test Enanthate 500 mgs
DELOAD: Weeks 9-10 Test Enathate 250 mgs

RELOAD: Weeks 11-18 Test Enanthate 750 mgs
DELOAD: Weeks 19-20 Test Enathate 250 mgs

Weeks 21-22 HCG 2500 iu EOD
Weeks 21-24 Clomid 50 mgs x2/ED
Weeks 21-24 Nolvadex 20 mgs ED

What do you think guys?

Blast and cruise cycles are nothing new at all.

I’m sure they aren’t… just wanted to know your opinions on having a 20 week cycle as my first one… is it too much? should I stick with a 12 week test cycle?

it is not for people new to AS. Do more research. Read the stickies.

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
it is not for people new to AS. Do more research. Read the stickies.[/quote]


On for 20 weeks is long and becomes more complex and pct for 4 weeks with simple HCG nolva/clomid protocol…I just dont think it cuts it…not at all.

Too many potential risks and maybes.

For a first cycle…HELL NO!!

The blast and cruise idea makes sense for guys who are not going off. You shoot a bunch of juice for as long as you make gains, then back down to maintenance levels for awhile, then start a big cycle again. If you are going to go on and cycle off, I would do fairly high levels of gear for like 6-8 weeks, then proper pct with additional things like cortisol, metabolism,etc., in mind to keep as much as you can and fully recover.

Then you can decide to do it again or take a break or whatever. 20 weeks with maintenance levels for the last two weeks doesn’t make any sense. You might as well just do the whole 20 weeks upping your dosages throughout and then doing a long taper until you are recovered.

Long cycles are not ideal for most users.

Shorter cycles 8-10 weeks, 8 weeks total supression is what many younger guys prefer, just for safety sake.

As in say using Test E for 5 weeks, then dropping it for test P and then PCT.

Not 8 weeks of test E and 2 weeks for it to clear out.