Sling Shot with Beyond 5/3/1

hey guys just wanted to create this thread to see if you want to post any ideas on how to incorporate the sling shot once in awhile. give ideas like with the main work or with assistant accessory stuff. just got one for Christmas from a buddy of mine and want to get to overload alittle but not hamper gains or progress.

hopefully jim can also tell us how he uses it.

fire away

I use it after my top set of the day for 2-3 sets of submax reps, just to get the feeling of heavy weights in my hands plus its great for extra tricep work. That’s on Mark Bell’s recommendation. It’s been working OK for me thus far.

hi thanks for replying can you give an example bro? thanks!

for example after the max rep set do 2-3 sets but what do you mean by submaximal? thanks

Basically my last bench day my top set was 185x5 according to the program. I’m following the rule of 10, so I hit 185 for two sets of 5 to accumulate my 10 total reps at 185. After that I threw on a slingshot and hit 195x5, 215x4 and 225x3. Submaximally meant that there was no doubt I was going to get the reps and that I had one or two left in the tank.

USCZachD thanks man for the idea will try that in my next session.

i got to use the sling shot and it is very kewl man.

here is what i did

5’s week
200x5 , 230x5, 260x5 couldn’t get more than 5 on the max rep set. so my friend said lets do 5% increase and do 5 reps again like a joker set.

bumped it to 275 and got 5 reps easy so i just did 2 sets with the 275 for 5 reps and that was hard on the last rep to lock it out.i do have a lock ut weakness so it could help.
did db incl rows with 80’s for 3x10 some curls and called it a day.