Slin Cycle, Anti-Aromatase Properties

I need some advice with my first slin cycle.

25yrs old
Bodyfat: around 13% (i’m ok with anything lower then 15 right now)

This is my 6th cycle, i’ill be using slin for the first time starting next month, until then i pretend to drop 10lbs of fat (i’m using ECA and syntrhoid)

My plan is something like that:
Weeks 1-5: 750mg test (sust)/week
Weeks 1-2: 50mg abomb
Weeks 3-4: 100mg abomb
Weeks 1-4: 10IU post workout (starting with 2IU and increasing 2IU per day)
Weeks 6-12: 500mg test/week

I’ill be using APIDRA, a fast acting slin (onset 15min, peak 30min, duration 3h). my post workout shake taken immediately after the slin shot will consist of:
50g dextrose, 100g maltodextrin, 60g whey, 8g creatine
30min later: 30g dextrose, 70g maltodextrin, 50g whey
1h30min later: a full meal (500g lean red meet and rice).
My plan is to consume around 4000kcal, with 300g of protein.

Also, I usually run 500mg test without any AIs and with no estrogenic side effects. I known that with 750 there is a increasing risk of aromatization. On the other hand i’ve read in some articles that slin exhibits mild anti-aromatase properties, do i need to run some sort of AI with it?

Thank you in advance!

About the anti-aromatase properties of slin, i’ve found a article that says:

?I have no other big tips to offer, except (I’d) use insulin as much as possible while on a heavy cycle. Since I’m getting gyno while using anti-estrogens, I have to say that the anti-aromatase ability of insuli!n is next to non-existent.* ? (

other than that i have no other info on this. anyone else heard about this?