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Slin Advice

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes…

I’ve read into slin being pretty “anabolic” and wanted to try and gather more information/advice from some guys more experienced than myself before jumping into anything.

I understand that Humalog is the best to use since it is the most rapid acting.
I also understand that beginners should start at 10g dex/IU of slin.
Then you need to eat clean protein and carbs about an hour later, and then again another hour.

What I am curious about is do trainers run slin-only non-stop, or do they run it in cycles (I know AAS users tend to run it b/w cycles)?

Any opinions on using slin before AAS/iGF/HGH use?

I am a healthcare student, so I understand the hypoglycemia risks/concerns.

Thanks guys!

For the love of god NO! Slin is reserved for only advanced users who have exhausted all other options, this is the last piece for most advanced bodybuilders. You will just fuck yourself up. Start with just test, then next cycle test+another compound and continue forwards. Try to maximize results using gear intelligently, you will be able to get amazing results from a test only cycle.

I’m interested in slin mostly because I’m pretty sure using gear in my profession would be a no-no.

…but using insulin without an rx would be OK? Color me confused.

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I imagine insulin wouldn’t give me the kind of gains of AAS, that would be suspicious and warrant testing.

BBB, I was hoping you would reply :slight_smile: You seem pretty knowledgeable in the subject.

Don’t feel like you need to outline a protocol per se, but could you point me in the right direction as far as more research goes?

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
And ‘healthcare’ doesn’t distinguish between AAS, GH or insulin; they still get shitty. I was once run off a diabetic forum because I told them about my use of insulin for reasons other than diabetes. One ever wished she could report me to the general medical council (I made the mistake of saying that I was a medical student).


Christ, such an invasion of privacy. Sounds like medical care is fucked in the Eurozone. In America you a script for weed/gear/slin and youre all set.

I’d be curious to hear your opinions about healthcare in the UK, since the question in this thread seems like it’s been answered.

It sounds like the GHRPs might be a good fit for you. I assume if you’re considering insulin you don’t have a problem with sticking yourself multiple times a day.

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