Slimming for Gals

This girl I work with asked me if it is possible to actually slim-down her legs. She has very little fat, but rather muscular legs/waist area…comparable to some women soccer players or swimmers. She wants to get rid of some of the thickness and be alittle more lean looking. She currently works out 3 days a week…doing cardio and weight training. Since I’ve always concentrated on building muscle, the question caught me off guard and I realized I had no clue if it was possible for her to do this. Perhaps if she stopped weight training her legs and just concentrated on upper body and cardio workouts??? Her diet is very clean also. Thanks in advance!

She needs to find out what her BF% is. More than likely she is carrying fat in her legs and this is indeed what’s making them look “big”. Also, she could have the classic “pear” shaped body; narrow shoulders, wide waist/hips. By increasing shoulder and back width/thickness via weight training will help create a balance.

What is she doing, specifically, in terms of weight training? And what do you mean her diet is " very clean"? Eating “clean” is relative. My idea of “clean” can be totally different than someone else’s and so on.

What’s a typical day of eating like for her. Maybe a good idea to have her post all this info here herself.

For a very simple and non scientific response, just tell her to up the cardio. Obviously, there are other factors, however, since spot reduction is a myth, the only thing to do is lose fat throughout the body…

I know what I’m about to say is heretical in these parts, but since the advice is free (and can be freely ignored), here goes:
Depending on how much this bothers her (and assuming your assessment of her muscularity is accurate), she may actually have to lose some muscle mass as well as bodyfat first, then focus on bringing out other body parts to balance her look (similar to what a few female bodybuilders have done in order to compete in the figure category).

Thanks for the replies!

Patricia…she has left for the day but I will either get her to post what you asked, or post for her.

The Cardinal…if she does need to lose some muscle mass along w/ bodyfat…what would be the best method of doing so??? She does a lot of cardio including running…but I wouldnt think this would promote muscle loss.

I’ve dealt with a few clients who were like this and I found there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Up the cardio. I would however stay away from the stair climber.

  2. Control the diet, whether you lose fat or muscle it will come down to being hypo-caloric.

  3. High or ultra high rep training. Seriously, some people just carry huge amounts of muscle mass in their hips and if they’re concerned about aesthetics this may not be what they want. If that’s the case look into high >15 rep training or if they’re an experienced lifter do some ultra high rep >75 rep training. While I’m not a fan of this it’s a great way to get the body to dump unwanted muscle mass.

Hope this helps.


Do tons of cardio and go hypo-caloric.

Perfect recipe for muscle loss.

Of course then her metabolism will go to hell, and I would bet money that her BF will start creeping up once she starts eating normally, and ceases with the cardio.


Why can’t we seem to get away from these notions of muscle loss being the answer to get rid of excess bulk for women?

Take a look at Patricia’s photos in the photo section and tell me her strong, muscle filled limbs look bulky!!

tell her to run marathons, have you seen their legs. Their calves are thicker than their quads…LOL

I’m not arguing with you Kieran, if you’ve seen my girlfriend you’d know that I prefer the muscular look (she makes Patricia look small) but that’s not what everyone wants, or finds sexy. . .