Slightly pulled something today, what to do now?

Hey T-men, Vixens, and Doctors,
Had a quick question. I was lifting today in teh gym, doing stiff legged deads when I felt something slightly pull in my shoulder. No serious immediate pain, and i iced it about 15 minutes later. Now, it’s still a little sore, but not too bad. At least, not feeling like I pulled my pec again. I called my doc, and he said just to ice it til my appt. next monday. I was wondering if it would be wise to avoid lifting until monday’s appt to insure that I didn’t possibly reinjure myself. I figured I would just do light stretching and ice the area til then as per the ART therapists suggestions. Would this be correct, or should I try doing light sets to work the area?

Rest is best!

I do not agree that rest is best… i would say, if you can… have someone due some deep tissue work, and still do some light lifting with it to keep ya movin… I pulled my trap doing shrugs and i wanted to just stop for a few weeks or so… but i didn’t i just kept on keepin on… but just toned it down… and the pain, stiffness etc went away in a week…presonal results may vary