Slightly embrassing problem...

I have a slightly embarrassing problem.

I worked out on Friday (doing squats, dumbbell lunges, straight leg dead lifts, overhead shoulders presses, side lateral raises, dumbbell shrugs, standing calf raises and also using a machine called the abdominiser (sp.) to work my abs.)

Yesterday my groin was a little swollen and hurting slightly (not much but a little), but I didn?t pay that much attention, as I was busy. This morning I checked it out and notice that the left side of my testicles is hugely swollen.

What do you think could be causing this? Is it possible that I simply strained my groin slightly and that it will return to normal in a few days or is it something more serious?

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated, as I am little worried about it.

Go to your doctor!

Search for hydrocele.

In the mean time, if children are in your future, I’d suggest getting yourself to a doctor.

Go to the doctor now.

emergency room dude, go.

I had something similar happen, it turned out to “just” be a bacterial infection.

The doc’s basically rushed me in like I was gunshot victim, the concern was that I had soemthing called testicular torsion, which basically means your nut did a circle on the cords it hangs from. This leads to your testicle dying on the vine due to restricted blood flow. It is an extremely serious condition.

Just a physiology tip: your testicles aren’t used in most exercises. Any, that I can think of. Testicular swelling WON’T be caused by your workout, unless part of your workout is being hammered in the nuts by midgets.

I’d already be at my Doctor’s office. At the very least, I’d have an appointment for as soon as possible.


Yup, the testicle thing sounds like a hydrocele, which is basically an accumulation of fluid. I had this along with an inguinal hernia three years ago. Run…don’t walk…to your physician.

Hope his nut is ok…