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Slightly Elevated Prolactin

I am on clomid monotherapy at 12.5mg eod. My last bloodwork showed 16.7 ng/ml for prolactin (4-15.4 normal range). The doctor mentioned putting me on caber. Would this be necessary? It’s pretty expensive through my compounding clinic. Estrogen is bottom range.

22yo male

Where was it (prolactin) prior to Clomid? How are you feeling on it?

They didn’t test prolactin prior to clomid. I feel ok. Not great and not terrible. 12.5mg eod brought my testosterone to 440ng/dL. Estrogen is very low. Not ideal numbers which would explain why I don’t feel amazing. My dose was upped to 25mg eod recently. I’ve been skeptical to start the higher dose due to fear of vision side effects.