Slightly different question

Do you guys know if there is anything necessarily “unhealthy” about ejaculating one or even two times per day every single day?

Damn man, I hope there’s nothing wrong with seven or eight times. Seriously, aside from possible blisters, raw skin and other superficial inconsistencies, there’s really no medical problem associated with such behavior. From a Psychological or Emotional standpoint, I feel that as long as it is not interfering in your personal/social life and you’re not doing it in front of immediate family members it shouldn’t create a problem.

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OH MY GOD! If you keep it up, you’ll be blind before you can say seeing eye dog. Be careful bro! Hahahaha!

This is that same 17-year-old who wrote in a couple weeks ago, isn’t it?

Ever notice how this topic resurfaces on this forum every one or two months? Damn, it should be in the FAQ section. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just two times shy of my daily quota.

Masturabation…Reminds me of an interesting scientific fact. Do you know why the dick has a head on it?

So your fist doesnt’ slip off and hit you in the eye!!!

youll put your eye out.

i beleive many cultures have equated jizz to life force. So yes you are losing more and more of your life force every day, that is indeed a problem.

Monkeyboy Eric, he might be getting lucky twice daily, who knows? :wink:

depends on what you are ejaculating into.(snicker)

LOL @ A Girl.
The answer to your question is simple and straightforward and that is:
Even if someone says to you that it is unhealty I think nothing will stop you from busting a nut as many times a day as you can. It’s human nature so live with it and enjoy it while you still got it

What exactly do you mean by “unhealhty” my little hand-jiven friend? If you think it will make you blind, grow hair on the back of your hands like a werewolf, or any other myth you’re wrong. Listen, every young guy about 17, which I think you are, pounds his dog relentlessly. Unless it is messing up other aspects of your life, don’t worry about.

Interesting MonkeyBoy that you seem to be saying that one can pull his pug with impunity in front of anyone as long as it isn’t an immediate family member. Geez, all those opportunities I missed!

Here’swhat the professionals have to say: “Give the choice between too much and too little ejaculation, I wuld vote for too much,” says Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D., a urologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centerin os Angeles. “It’s good for your heart and your circulatory system. It gets the cobwebs out of your brain. The only danger is chafing the skin…”
Frequent ejaculation can actually promote reproductive ealth, because it clears out your pipes. No matter how much you take Ol One-Eye to the Optomitrist, the quality o your semen won’t suffer. The only thing to fear is a temporary drop in volume but the little guy will recharge when they’re ready. Running out of semen isn’t gonna happen for a long time.

P.S. Remember to stretch properly beforehand.

gee I always heard sex raises test levels but I’m not sure if “quality time alone” does (I know,I know he may be haveing sex, I hope for his sake he is) so why don’t you try a new test raising plan, try to ejaculate every 2 hours to keep your natural test levels high, that may be like 150mg of anadrol a day (you just may be too tired to go to the gym) why do I think proportion may be a ploblem?=)