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Slight Sternum Pain

So I wouldn’t really call this an injury as it seems more of a discomfort, but figured this is the right section to post.

I workout at home, mainly bodyweight and some DB work.

This week my routine was as follows -

Pyramid style 1-10 and back down.

Squats and pushups alternating.

Resistance band seated rows

Dips (chose to do pyramid rang of 1-5 and back down totaling 30 reps).

Then ABs.

I was perfectly fine, got through the workout and was challenging at just the right pace for me. Later on that night, more the following day I felt some pain discomfort in the sternum area. Felt tight like someone sat on my chest.

Since then I have put heat on it after work, taken advils, and muscle rub while sleeping. The pain is subsiding to the point where all day it won’t hurt at all up until early evening I will start to feel it present.

Is uncomfortable to do regular pushups so I took the week off from workout activity. I assume as I started to fatigue, I got sloppy on the dips and possibly went lower than I should have.

Anyone else experience this and since the pain is subsiding, is it safe to assume this will probably be gone within a few more days? Really want and need to get back to it next week. Been making some good strength progress and finally got myself back on the consistency wagon.

Thanks in advance. Won’t be doing dips for awhile, but need those pushups! I’ll work some skull crushers in for tricep exercises or close grip pushups etc… Plenty of alternatives I’m sure I can find.

I have this issue too. It gets extremely pronounced when I’m not keeping my chest up, and doing chest movements where my chest cavity is rather tucked in. The ribs that connect to the front where the sternum are get put under pressure the more you round your shoulders. You probably keep good form but sometimes form does break down and you not notice it. Espeacially on those days where you’ve been grinding through everything.

This is mostly inflammation, so do your best to keep it at bay with the things you’ve been doing. Maybe add in some icy hot for good measure?

I’ve noticed accumulation of improper movements tends to really be what brings on serious bouts of discomfort, so do you best to spend time undoing most of what causes these pains.

Hope this helps.