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Slight Sharp Pain Lower Back from Cable Rows

I tend to arch my back alot on every back exercise, I just did Cable rows seated and got a slight sharp pain in my lower back, the pain is not as intense anymore but sitting down hurts abit, not when I stand up tho.

Can this be from over arching? Or anything else? Just a disk or maybe a nerve that got pinched?

By choice, or do you feel you “naturally” go into an arch?

Did you feel pain shooting down your leg, or was it more localised?

It’s just my lower back, hurts when I bend over or slouch sitting down. Friend always tells me I arch too much doing Pullups so I think I might be forcing the arch too much.

This is not a disk or nerve issue. Based on what you say about arching, it might be a good idea for you to practice bracing and controlling spinal position. Personally, I think suitcase carries are a great addition to any program that can help address this.

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Thanks for the advice, what do you think caused the sharp pain?

Most likely a muscle spasm

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I googled it and your spot on, it felt like my lower back took over the row and flexed really hard when the sharp pain hit. I’m very grateful for your help, cheers man.

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actually, i do feel some weird sensation sitting down now in my lower ab area, left side of my adonis belt, like a slight burning sensation, might be something else.

When you do seated cable rows, either keep completely vertical, squeeze real hard on the contraction, and don’t lean forward for the stretch, OR, if you do decide to lean forward, insure your head is neutral/slightly up and your scapula retracted. Where your head is positioned, your body will follow.

No problem at all mate, glad it was helpful

Give it 24 hours, if the pain doesn’t change, or gets worse, then I’d recommend a physio.

Try sternum pull-ups, and don’t be arching your low back.