Slight Pain Between Shoulder Blades

This injury has developed slowly over the past few months. At the end of last year, I started to shrug pretty heavy, along with upright rows. It never really bothered me at first doing the shrugs and rows.

The soarness/slight pain surfaced when I started doing fairly heavy leg presses during the same period. On heavy leg presses, my butt would pull slightly off the pad when i would bring my knees into my chest at the bottom of the press.

That is when this pain started, so I stopped leg pressing and the pain subsided. I continued to shrug/row over the spring and summer, and the soarness came back. So I stopped the shrugs and upright rows.

What I am experiencing now is, soarness in the same area, in every lift I do, which is squats, decline bench, military pressing, kroc rows,… Back rowing exercises cause the most discomfort. This usually comes after my workouts and the next day.

Up to his point, I have not tried any therapy, should I try heat and ice along with a 800mg of motrim first? To identify this problem, which type of doctor should I go see without having to pay a 100 co-pays?

I have no idea about your American health insurance, however if you just see a standard GP they will probably just prescribe you some pain killers and advise you to stop lifting for a while. No real help to be honest, especially as you’ve already come to that conclusion yourself.

Pain killers will just mask the problem, best to find the solution. There could be many things going on such as rhomboid imbalances, thoracic stiffness. Have a browse through the articles on this site and you may find something to help you out.

Failing that i’d advise seeing either a PT or chiro first and then perhaps a knowledgeable trainer to correct your lifting technique/training program. If the problem remains then definitely go to DR/sports physician to check for anything serious.

Of course you can save money by doing it yourself, just depends on how much time you are willing to spend trying to work it out and hopefully not getting it wrong.