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Slight Meniscus Tear. OK for O Lifting/Sqt?

First sign of pain was back in July. Nothing excruciating or debilitating. Felt it one day on a squat and knew it was it was different feeling. No swelling. I can run, sprint, bike etc.

MRI shows very slight tear of the meniscus on the inside left knee. Doc said he can trim it back but said its really NOT surgery worthy.

I LOVE olympic lifting and have been taking it easy since July. I’m cycling more to build the strength in my quad but miss heavy front squats and back squats, cleans and snatches.

Anyone have any experience with meniscus tears? I am very reluctant in surgery as it will sideline me for awhile HOWEVER if its a fairly invasive procedure from what I hear.

I front squatted a couple reps yesterday around 50% of my max and wear a Tommy Kono sleeve.