Slight Hernia or Just Ab Weakness?

I’ve been out of lifting (and doing core workouts) for over a year now (dumb, I know), but I still bike a lot. A week or two ago I decided I would start doing some more sprint training on my bike. I was doing normal sprint efforts, but wanted to focus on building my pure explosive strength. So I did a bunch of really big gear slow speed sprints (basically, they are like heavy deadlifts, they put IMMENSE strain on your whole body). I was fine while doing them (no “pops” or anything like that), but since then I’ve noticed some mild abdominal pain that hasn’t gone away much. I’ve had this symptom before, from the same workout a few years ago. I remember a Dr asking if I’ve had a hernia a year or two ago, but he didn’t seem worried. I think I might have some very mild hernia going on. Or could it just be that my core muscles are weak and need strengthening before doing such straining workouts? I get the pain in numerous spots, and did notice it when pushing on the crapper, haha. Also while on the bike, with hard standing efforts. It’s not a serious pain, I can live with it, but I don’t want to make it worse, and I REALLY want to get back into sprinting.

I sometimes think that my mind is too strong for my body to handle. I seem to mess myself in one way or another quite often. It use to be back issues (when I was lifting), or knee issues years ago. Why can’t I just be immortal?

Is the pain localized? Or just spread out? Does it hurt to put pressure on the affected area?

It doesn’t hurt when I apply pressure anywhere. It seems like it occurs in a few different spots. Doing something like lifting my left to put socks on is when I notice it. It may be getting better, but very slowly.

I had crazy abdominal pain for while, localized and very pain. I went to a doc, he said it was just a strain.

I wore a belt all the time when it was healing and it took a long time 4 months or so. I trained around exercises that aggravated it. It probably took me 6 months of taking it easy to get back into direct ab work.