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Slight Headache

Ive been doing weights for about 2 years now. and i focus on my upper back on average twice in 3 weeks.
I know its nowhere near enough the reason is because everytime i do the exercises the nxt day those muscles are tight, which i presume restricts blood flow and i have a slight headache for the nxt few days. And its always the traps which are tight…

The exercises i do for that session are
Shoulder press
Lateral Raises
Dumbbell Arnold press
shoulder shrugs
and bench row

Could someone offer any suggestions on why this might be happening. and im almost certain my technique is good


I went to the chiro for a similar problem my traps were tight and this caused my hands to fall asleep easily, im not sure it this could be connected but what I did was stretch them out and took advil if needed. This started happening to me after working construction and deadlifting on the same day. Once again not sure if its the same thing but just try it.

You’re a nervous person and your neck/trap muscles don’t know how to relax?

Something similar happened to me. I would get headaches after a big set of back squats. It killed the rest of my workout, and would last for about a half-hour to an hour after my workout. I dealt with it by, after finishing my set, sitting in a corner, breathing deeply into my stomach and stretching my neck/traps until it was time to do my next set.

This kept the head-ache at bay until the level of stress in the rest of my life waned and the headaches went away entirely. It may be different than what happened to you, but that’s what happened to me and how I dealt with it.

What is your water intake?